Apple Watch to be transformed into Ultra for less than

Apple Watch to be transformed into Ultra for less than $100

With the Apple Watch Ultra, you get one of the best smartwatches on the market. However, the price tag of 1,000 euros ensures that it is not for everyone. Not to worry, because those who are attracted by its looks can quickly make the switch.

I don’t know exactly what it is, but when it comes to accessories, Nomad always manages to strike the right chord. Through a new case called the Rugged Case, it gives a regular Apple Watch the look of an Ultra. And I find that that gets me pretty excited.

Nomad transforms the Apple Watch into an Ultra

Nomad has actually known how to combine protection and style well for years. Something that is also reflected in the Rugged Case for the Apple Watch. Armed with a price tag of just over 100 euros, the accessory transforms your Series 4 through Series 8 into an Ultra.

Not in functionality, of course, but in appearance. Think of it as a facelift for your older Apple Watch, with a subtle nod to the Ultra’s signature orange button. Up close, one will really see a difference when walking around with it, but even the most seasoned Apple connoisseur will have to blink twice from a distance to tell the difference.

What does the accessory have to offer you?

Nomad offers excellent protection with the Rugged Case, at least on paper. On the outside, the case is armed with extra hardened steel and an HV DLC coating. On the inside, it has a layer of TPU for extra shock resistance.

The buttons of your Apple Watch are interchangeable by the Rugged Case, both in black and orange. That way you’re not stuck with a particular style and give your smartwatch the look it needs, as far as you’re concerned.

Apple Watch to be transformed into Ultra for less than $100 (Image: Nomad)

Be advised, however, that the case, like the Apple Watch Ultra itself, is a nice unit. Measuring 42 x 57 x 11 millimeters, it may be slightly less suitable for consumers with narrower wrists. But considering the case is intended for the 44mm/45mm Apple Watch models, that won’t be an issue anytime soon.

Nomad Rugged Band for the Apple Watch

In addition to the Rugged Case, Nomad also has the Rugged Band in its lineup. As far as we are concerned, this stylish yet sturdy watch band fits perfectly with the case that is coming soon.

You can tap this accessory for 60 euros, allowing you to complete the Ultra look of your Apple Watch.

The Rugged Case will soon be released in Europe, but it is currently already on sale in the United States. So through the official website, you could already order it, but keep in mind possible import costs.

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