How this Apple employee swiped 17 million from the company

How this Apple employee swiped $17 million from the company

Prosecutors in the United States this week announced the arrest of a former Apple employee. The reason: he managed to loot a whopping $17 million during his time with the company.

Dhirendra Prasad, along with two associates, Don M. Baker and Robert Gary Hansen, managed to rake in the loot. But how exactly did he do it?

Former Apple employee swipes 17 million

As a buyer for Apples Global Service Supply Chain, you have access to things you would never otherwise have access to. Dhirendra Prasad handled that responsibility superbly from 2008 to 2011, but then decided it was time for an extra penny.

Because of his position within the American company, Prasad regularly had to buy parts from vendors. And to make his plan work well, he struck a deal with two owners of two of those selling parties. Don M. Baker, Robert Gary Hansen and Dhirsendra Prasad struck a deal that ultimately netted them $17 million.

WWDC 2022 Apple ParkAn imposing sight (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

So now the whole “party” has come to an end. Prasad has pleaded guilty and will be told on March 1, 2023, how long he must serve in prison. Experts say the former Apple employee can expect up to 20 years in prison.

Don M. Baker and Robert Gary Hansen were previously arrested for several other cases. In those, both men also pleaded guilty.

How did they pull it off?

Thanks to the arrest, the case is coming to light in the United States. In turn, the guilty plea also ensures that we know exactly how the three men pulled it off.

For the Apple Global Service Supply Chain, Prasad purchased various parts. He usually did so from all the different selling parties, but occasionally from those of Don M. Baker and Robert Gary Hansen.

Daisy, Apple, Breda(Image: Apple)

Sometimes this was for needed products but sometimes it was for items that Apple already had in house for a long time. So sometimes the company received duplicate materials; other times they were simply not delivered. And the money? That was divided creatively by the three gentlemen.

Prasad was not only guilty of this act, by the way. For example, the Apple employee also managed to commit tax fraud. Illegal money was funneled between Hansen and him, from which the two ended up earning a nice penny.

Whether they can enjoy it for long is not clear. Meanwhile, the U.S. government has already seized much of the money.

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