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iOS 16.5: all the features and improvements for your iPhone

iOS 16.4 is out and that means Apple is already in full swing with iOS 16.5. But what are all the new features in the upcoming operating system for your iPhone? We take you through.

Apple releases a new version of its operating system every so often. To make this work optimally, it first launches beta versions for testers and developers. This way, app makers can already prepare themselves. Now Apple is launching the release candidate of iOS 16.5 and these new iPhone features are in it.

All the new features in iOS 16.5 in your iPhone

In the release candidate of iOS 16.5, a number of new features are again visible. It is likely that these will finally come to your iPhone in early June (during WWDC). We are already listing them here now.


What is a Release Candidate

The Release Candidate is the final test version of an operating system that Apple rolls out for developers and public testers. It is the version that is also eventually used for all users.

#1 Siri records your iPhone screen

On your iPhone you can take screenshots, of course, but there is also the option of screen recording. Now to do this, you need to go to Settings > Control Panel to add the feature.

In iOS 16.5, all you have to do is instruct Siri to record your screen.

#2 Apple News gets a dedicated sports tab

This feature is not currently available in the Netherlands, as we do not have Apple News. If you do select this feature as a widget on your iPhone lock screen, you will only see one news item from a Dutch medium.

In the United States, that feature is there, showing users personalized news. A special tab for sports will now be added there. Here you can add your favorite teams and thereby personalize your sports news.

iPhone 14 Pro, iOS 16, Dynamic Island, Games, iPhone 15Dynamic hear! (Image: Apple)

#3 Disappearing beta profiles on Apple Watch

In iOS 16.4, apple already removed beta profiles on the iPhone and iPad to make a new option of them in the settings. Now the same is true in the Apple Watch app. So if you want to continue receiving betas, you will have to go to the settings menu in the Apple Watch app.

#4 More Matter integration and Housing app issues fixed

The third beta of iOS 16.5 now allows a shared administrator in the home to link and add Matter accessories. So you no longer always have to do this yourself via the Home app.

Apple also fixed some bugs in the Home app. For example, iOS 16.5 no longer provides notifications if you have already requested an update to a Matter product.

More updates coming for iOS 16.5

This is only the third beta version of iOS 16.5 for the iPhone, so this is just the beginning. There is much more in the pipeline at Apple, and the upcoming beta versions will reveal a little more each time.

We’ll keep you posted, of course.

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