Mexican 13 minute film shows true power iPhone 14 Pro.webp

Mexican 13-minute film shows true power iPhone 14 Pro

To convince consumers worldwide of the iPhone 14 Pro’s camera capabilities, Apple has pushed its “Shot On iPhone” campaign hard. Not only with impressive photos, but also with a short Mexican film.

Huracán Ramírez vs La Piñata Enchilada is a 13-minute Mexican film. The story revolves around wrestling, the images are impressive and the film was shot in its entirety with an iPhone 14 Pro.

Mexican film shows the true power of the iPhone 14 Pro

Besides an unusual name, Apple’s project is also noteworthy. Huracán Ramírez vs La Piñata Enchilada focuses on the legend of Huracán Ramírez, an old wrestler who has to interrupt his retirement because of a great danger. This danger comes in the form of an evil piñata that terrorizes all of Mexico.

Although the film is not personally my preference in terms of story, it is an interesting project. After all, it was shot entirely with an iPhone 14 Pro. The result is quite impressive. Check out the footage below:

Powerful camera with fierce post processing

For Huracán Ramírez vs La Piñata Enchilada, Apple collaborated with the film’s directors. They used the 14 Pro with its 48-megapixel wide-angle lens and Action Mode to bring the project to life.

The combination not only provides razor-sharp images, but also smooth movements. By using Action Mode, the creators were able to capture the images without shaking, unnecessary movements and vibrations.

While the footage is obviously very impressive, as a consumer you shouldn’t expect videos to roll right out of your iPhone 14 Pro’s camera. As with any film, there has been considerable play with light and the colors have been significantly adjusted during post-processing.

All in all, I think the project does an excellent job of representing the power of the iPhone 14 Pro. In any case, it’s a great way to promote your product. Well done, Apple.

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