The Grain of Salt iconic iPhone feature disappears and more

The Grain of Salt: iconic iPhone feature disappears (and more)

If there’s usually a lot of rumors about one company, it’s Apple. Whether it’s about the next iPhone, new MacBook or products of the future, the corridors fill richly with new information. So too in the past few weeks.

Those weeks were pretty quiet on One More Thing due to the Far Out event. We did see the rumors pass by, but didn’t do very much with them due to a lot of official information. So the last edition of The Grain of Salt was a while ago. Therefore, we list five of the biggest rumors of late for you.

#1 Iconic iPhone feature disappears for good

iPhone 14 Pro, Review📱 (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

Earlier this week, word came out that an iconic iPhone feature is going to disappear. In the weekly Power On newsletter, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman told us. According to his sources, Apple is abandoning Touch ID and Face ID will become the standard for even more consumers.

Just this year, Apple sold the iPhone SE (2022) that had the functionality. So with this news, the redesign of that phone seems to be addressed as well. So only consumers with older models will still have it. New models are rumored to abandon the unlock method altogether.

#2 New iPad and Mac models without event

M2 MacBook Air💻 (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

The chances of Apple showing new products in October are high. The arrival of new iPad and Mac models is all but certain, but in what way they will be presented is not yet certain. During the week of Sept. 26, word came out, again from Mark Gurman, that Apple is unsure about an event.

Thus, it could well still be that the American company announces products in the form of press releases.

#3 iOS 16 feature not coming to your iPhone until 2023

iPhone 14 Pro, Review🏝 (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

There are plenty of features that came to the iPhone with the launch of iOS 16. Unfortunately, plenty of them are also delayed. One such feature is Apple Pay Later. Presented at WWDC 2022, but still not on the market.

That won’t change later in 2022 either, by the way. Mark Gurman expects Apple to delay the payment method until 2023.

#4 Apple working on 27-inch Mini-LED display

Apple Mini LED For All MankindThis raises questions. (Image: Apple)

Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants, is certain of the arrival of 27-inch Mini-LED displays. Apple is reportedly already busy preparing the displays for consumers.

What exactly are these products for and what is it now? Jeroen did some research and explains it to you in the article below:

#5 iPhone 15 goes after Apple Watch Ultra

iPhone 14 ProThe Pro models (Image: Mark Hofman / OMT)

If rumors are to be believed, the Pro Max model of the iPhone is going to disappear. The largest model is likely to go after the Apple Watch Ultra next year and get the Ultra name.

The question, however, is what exactly this means for the smartphone. Is it just a name change or is there more to it?

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