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Why you should update your iPhone, Mac and every other Apple product now

Apple released new updates this week for the iPhone, iPad, Mac and almost every other Apple product. It is very important that you actually install these.

Perhaps sometimes it can seem tiresome that you often have to update your iPhone, Mac or other device. Nevertheless, it is very important. Not only do you regularly get cool new features added, on the back end, however, Apple also closes security holes.

A new update for the iPhone, Mac and every other Apple product

Between hackers and developers, it is sometimes a cat-and-mouse game. Developers try to close security holes, while hackers are looking for new openings. It causes a device to need regular updates so you can just enjoy your iPhone, Mac or Apple Watch safely.

This week is another one: Apple is releasing a new update for all devices. Not only for the iPhone and Mac, but also for the iPad, Apple TV and iPad, for example. This one is not only for the latest devices, but even goes back to the iPhone 6S.

Every Apple device gets quite a few security updates. For example, the iPhone and iPad with iOS and iPadOS 16.6 have as many as sixteen security updates. With macOS Ventura 13.5, it’s even worse. Here, there are a total of 29.

Of course, Apple does not tell what exactly is being plugged so as not to give hackers any ideas. Not everyone updates right away which could make cyber criminals look for people who don’t have the latest version on their iPhone or Mac.

Apple addresses major Apple TV 4K problem after months🍎 (Image: Brandon Romanchuk / Unsplash)

Here’s how to install the update right away

Still, two things are known to be tinkered with. For one, a security vulnerability in WebKit had previously been discovered. That had already been fixed by an earlier patch for iPhone, iPad and Mac, but is now also on other Apple devices.

A security issue with kernel, an essential part of the operating system, was also discovered. It manages and acts as an interface between a device’s hardware and software. It allows software to communicate with hardware without knowing the details of the hardware.

To update immediately on your iPhone or Mac, first go to Settings. Then you go to General and Software Update. There you can install the new apps.

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