50 euros for a Nokia but what good is it

50 euros for a Nokia, but what good is it anno 2023?

Nokia is a brand we know mostly from the old days. Nowadays it still makes phones, and even very inexpensively. But what exactly can you do with a new 50 euro phone?

Smartphones are getting more and more expensive. For the latest Samsung Galaxy S and Z, or the newest iPhone, you will soon pay a thousand euros plus. Yet there are also fairly cheap alternatives of less than 200 euros. Nokia now comes out with a phone of about 50 euros, but what exactly can you do with this?


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Back to the Nokia 3310

If you remember Nokia from back in the day, you may have had the 3310 or the 3330 in your pocket. They were indestructible phones. In the field of smartphones, the Finnish brand completely missed the boat, but today it has a number of them in its lineup for reasonably little money.

But you can still get phones from Nokia that resemble the 3310 and 3330. In fact; they are also similar in price to the zeroes. Two simpler phones in the current Nokia lineup are the 130 and 150, and these are getting new versions soon.

The previous version of the Nokia 150 dates back to 2016, and the latest 130 is from 2017. So the phones are in dire need of renewal and that is coming. Unfortunately, they are not smart phones.

What immediately stands out about these Nokia’s is that they have regular buttons and no touchscreen. They are the ideal devices if you only want to make calls or text. Then again, since almost everyone uses WhatsApp, communicating becomes a lot harder.

50 euros for a Nokia but what good is it.webpThe 130. (Image: Nokia)

The Nokia 130 and 150 are mainly intended for residents of poorer countries, although providers will also just sell them in the Netherlands, as was the case with the previous version. With a price of around 50 euros, they are at least affordable.

What do these Nokia phones have?

Because the Nokia 130 and 150 are not smart, the 1450 mAh battery easily lasts several days. They even have a standby time of 30 days. In addition, the phones also have space for MP3s and an FM tuner. On the back is a 0.3 MP camera. With a microSD card, the phone’s memory can be expanded.

The main difference between the phones is mainly the appearance. When the two models will appear and what the exact price will be is not yet known. So it seems to be mainly a phone for those who just want one without fuss or an extra one for emergencies.

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