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iOS 17 stops you from losing your Apple Watch

Anyone who owns an iPhone and an Apple Watch knows that the former can be called up with the latter. A handy feature for people who often leave their smartphones dangling. Starting this summer, iOS 17 makes it possible to do something in return.

So the combination between watchOS 10 and iOS 17 will allow you to call up your Apple Watch so you always know where it is. By the way, in the past eight years I’ve never lost the smart watch, but I’m sure there will be a target market for it.

Apple Watch never lost again thanks to iOS 17

Those who can’t find their iPhone for a while will have a lot of help with the Apple Watch. By swiping from the watch face from bottom to top, it is possible to select a function that summons your smartphone. It activates a sound, or in the dark even a flash with the flashlight, allowing you to find your phone quickly.

To date, that feature cannot be used the other way around. Recalling an Apple Watch from your iPhone is not possible, but Apple is changing that this summer, with iOS 17 and watchOS 10 combining to make sure you don’t lose both devices so easily.

How does the feature work?

Through the developer beta release of iOS 17 and watchOS 10, we are getting a bit more clarity on this functionality. For example, we found out that the feature is disabled by default.

To activate it, do the following on your iPhone:

Go to Settings
Select the Control Panel option
Swipe down and select the Recall Watch feature
Press the plus sign to add the activation to the panel

iPhone Apple Watch iOS 17The Series 8. (Image: WANT/Mark Hofman)

Once you’re on the home screen of your iPhone, it’s possible to bring up the control panel (swipe top right corner to center) and press the icon with the Apple Watch. A sound will play on your smartwatch so you know where it is.

However, the feature only works when an iPhone and Apple Watch are within Bluetooth distance of each other. Should the distance be greater, it’s best to use the Find My app.

10 more features for iPhone and Apple Watch

More useful features were announced at WWDC23, Apple’s developer conference. I was present in Cupertino to attend the keynote (and try the Vision Pro) and I’ll tell you all about the latest features there.

I did so in the video below, discussing new features for your iPhone, Apple Watch and other products.

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