1689499318 Nokia G22 finally addresses frustrating problem in smartphone land

Nokia G22 finally addresses frustrating problem in smartphone land

When you hear the name Nokia, you probably think back to the days of the 3310. This is not surprising, because after that it was surpassed by all kinds of brands.

This caused Finnish phones to plummet. Whereas before almost everyone had a Nokia, now it is incredibly difficult to find someone in your group of friends who has such a device.

Nokia pushes ahead with the G22

Where many companies are giving up (LG, HTC, Ericsson), Nokia continues steadily making phones. Admittedly under the wings of other companies, but it didn’t really deliver much. The Nokia G22 may well change that.

OK, the G22 is not a phone with specs that would make the Pixel, iPhone or Galaxy S line difficult. However, it does have something unique. Something that as far as I’m concerned all expensive phones should have. I’m talking about the ability to repair your phone yourself.

Back in the day, when my iPhone 4S needed a new battery, I replaced it myself. It wasn’t difficult because all you had to do was unscrew the phone, take the back off and replace the battery.

The problem with today’s smartphones

These days, it’s not that simple. In fact, you have to assemble all kinds of parts before you can finally reach it. It’s so inconvenient that I don’t even start it myself anymore. Fortunately, the Nokia G22 offers a solution.

Nokia tackles major smartphone problem with G22All parts. (Image: Nokia)

With the Nokia G22, you can repair your phone yourself again. iFixit has created special tools and manuals for this device, so you can replace what you want. Want to install a new battery or screen? That’s easily done.

Thanks to Nokia, I got a chance to briefly screw into the device myself, and it was surprisingly easy. However, you do have to be careful that some parts are plastic and you have to make sure they don’t break off. That would be a shame.

The Nokia G22 is the solution

With its repairability, the Nokia G22 focuses mainly on the battery, back cover, screen and USB port. Yet as far as I’m concerned, this is only the beginning. How nice would it be if you could replace important parts yourself, such as a processor or a camera? Instead of repairing, you can actually upgrade your phone.

This feature is what the Nokia G22 really excels at, and secretly I hope this product will be a success. Because while the specs may not be impressive, it would be good for the wallet and the environment if more brands would follow suit.

1689499318 112 Nokia G22 finally addresses frustrating problem in smartphone landThe Nokia G22 with the iFixit kit. (Image: Nokia)

So the Nokia G22 is a good starting point, but this is a relatively inexpensive phone. It will be interesting to see if the Finns will do the same for their more expensive models, such as the X30. If so, other brands may follow suit.

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