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One of the best Pokémon games ever made is coming to the Nintendo Switch

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is not the only biggie coming to the Nintendo Switch on April 12. Online subscribers with an Expansion Pack will be able to enjoy one of the most revolutionary Pokémon games ever from that date.

Pokémon Stadium, the very first 3D game from the franchise, is among one of the most popular titles of the Nintendo 64. Originally released on April 30, 1999 and ready for the Nintendo Switch almost 24 years later.

Pokémon Stadium is coming to the Nintendo Switch

The arrival of Pokémon Stadium is something to be excited about. The game brings not only a bucket of nostalgia, but also an arsenal of delightful gameplay to your Nintendo Switch.

Gamers mainly enjoy classic battles with trainers, tough confrontations with Gym Leaders and competing for the coveted Pokémon Cup. Not only offline, but unusually online with other players as well.

Besides being the first 3D game in the franchise, Pokémon Stadium also brought with it a load of cool mini-games. Think a bit along the lines of WarioWare and Mario Party. Games like Magikarp’s Splash or Dig! Dig! Dig! were worth their weight in gold and will also entertain you very well in 2023.

Nintendo Switch gamers get almost the same experience as in 1999, but have to deal with one small drawback. That is, transferring Pokémons from your Game Boy to your Nintendo Switch is not possible. Because, yes: the technology required for it is a bit outdated anno 2023.

Why is Pokémon Stadium so special?

Pokémon Stadium holds a special place in the hearts of fans. After the success of the 2D games on the Game Boy, it was really great to see how the concept managed to turn out in 3D. Especially since the game itself was also very well put together.

Stage turned a dream into reality, despite the lack of an open world or adventure like those Game Boy counterparts did. The gameplay, overall style and music made for a fantastic adventure that gave me many incredibly enjoyable hours as a little boy.

Anyone looking at titles like Pokémon Scarlet & Violet in 2023, after playing Pokémon Stadium on the Nintendo Switch, will see exactly what the inspiration was.


The very first Pokémon game

The very first Pokémon game, called Pokémon Red and Blue, appeared on the Game Boy in 1996. Players could explore the world and catch, train and battle Pokémon against each other.

Blast of the past on your Nintendo Switch

As is the case with PlayStation and Xbox, you need a subscription to play online on the Nintendo Switch. Online is the service you take out for 19.99 a year and the Expansion Pack the option to get more out of it, for 20 euros a year.

Gamers with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription with expansion pack can enjoy countless classic games. So you get not only the offerings of the SNES and NES, but also those of the Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance and Sega Mega Drive.

Really worth it as far as we are concerned, but you may not yet have enough information about the subscription at hand. In that regard, be sure to check the website of the service in question.

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