Heres how to turn Starfield into Star Wars with this.webp

Here’s how to turn Starfield into Star Wars with this addition

Starfield is currently the game to play. The game for Xbox and PC is getting rave reviews. But when you play the sci-fi game, it’s not surprising that you immediately think of Star Wars. Now there is a new addition.

In the near future, almost everyone with an Xbox or PC will probably be playing Starfield. The game is set in the future, where Earth is no longer habitable. People have moved to all sorts of planets and there are different groups with their own ideology vying for power. The latter, of course, feels a lot like Star Wars. For fans of the film, there is now an ideal mod.

From Starfield to Star Wars

Bethesda’s games are known for their mods. In games like Fallout and Skyrim, modders provide new content and modifications to the game. Although Starfield has been out for less than a week, they are already busy working on the game. That leads to special additions. In a space game, of course, Star Wars cannot be missing.

Nexus Mod user kboykboy has now released something special. One of the main cities in Starfield is New Atlantis. This place is very expansive and therefore there are many NPCs (non-playable characters) walking around.

Many of them are staff members of the United Colonies and therefore wear a uniform of the organization. The mud has now turned them all into Star Troopers from Star Wars, through codes.

More in the pipeline for the PC

This is just the beginning, according to the modder. He plans to add more changes to the game in the future. For example, he wants to turn the uniforms of another group, the Freestar Collective, into rebel gear.


What is a mod?

A mod in games is a kind of digital makeover created by fans or developers to add new elements to a game or improve existing ones. It’s a bit like beautifying a car with extra bells and whistles to make the ride more fun.

There should also be a variety of Star Wars weapons to use in Starfield. According to the modder, we can expect even more surprises.

Build your own Star Wars spaceship in Starfield

Unfortunately, there is one drawback. The mods are only available on PC for now. If you play Starfield on your PlayStation, you will unfortunately have to do without Star Troopers and other Star Wars content.

Still, Xbox players can also imagine themselves a little in the Star Wars world. After all, in Starfield you can build your own spaceship. Some Star Wars fans have used the tool to build their own Millennium Falcon or Imperial Star Destroyer. With a lot of time and dedication, you can do this too. If you don’t have time for that, you can always design an X-wing in the game.

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