1706794491 PlayStation 5 game starring Walking Dead gets disturbing trailer

PlayStation 5 game starring Walking Dead gets disturbing trailer

In 2025, Hideo Kojima returns with a wacky, and especially disturbing, sequel to Death Stranding. The game featuring Walking Dead star Norman Reedus got its first PlayStation 5 trailer during State of Play.

Death Stranding, the game Hideo Kojima released in 2019, was a wacky game. A wonderful game that brought us a lot of fun, but wacky. So the fact that the first trailer of the sequel gives us goosebumps in a rather disturbing way is to be expected.

At PlayStation State of Play, where several PlayStation 5 games saw the light of day, we got to see new footage of the game starring Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. Hang on, this is going to be enjoyable.

PlayStation 5 game sequel with Walking Dead star gets first trailer

That the new trailer for Death Stranding 2 begins with fairly detailed footage of an operation doesn’t really surprise us at all. Blood flies through the screen, a cat then licks it up. I think we can even hear a bit of bone cracking here and there.

But at least it gets us back into the atmosphere of the first game with Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. In fact, we also get a nice glimpse of new places where the PlayStation 5 game is set and have a villain return who has a familiar vibe about him. Does that baby also have a spot in the trailer, along with a talking doll….

So Death Stranding 2: On the Beach, as the PlayStation 5 game is officially called, will follow up the wacky first installment from 2025 exactly as expected, as we’ve come to expect from Kojima Productions.

In addition to Hideo Kojima, Norman Reedus, Léa Seydoux, Elle Fanning, Shioli Kutsuna and Troy Baker are also involved in the game. It will first appear exclusively on PlayStation 5, but may come to other platforms later.

Death Stranding now available on your iPhone

Since this week it is possible to play Death Stranding also on the iPhone. After it was delayed last year, you can now download it from the App Store for 22.99 euros.


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To actually play the game, featuring Walking Dead star Norman Reedus, you’ll need at least an iPhone 15 Pro. This is simply due to the fact that the game is simply a bit too heavy for a device without an A17 Pro chip.

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