1693044583 Pokemon fans love the games but miss this great feature

Pokémon fans love the games, but miss this great feature

The popularity of Pokémon games is still huge. There is a reason why a new game of it is released almost every year (last year even two in one year). Yet there is one feature that fans of the franchise are still waiting for.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet thankfully brought some new ideas to the franchise on the Nintendo Switch. For example, giving players the freedom of choice of which area to travel to and which gym leader to challenge first. That’s a nice touch, but doesn’t mean the innovation should stop here.

The feature that would make Pokémon even better

On Reddit, a Pokémon fan couldn’t agree more. ReinhartHartrein47 suggested that the games could have a New Game+ option. This would allow the games to be replayed at a higher difficulty level thanks to improved AI.

For example, the Reddit user mentions the idea of transferring already obtained Charms to the New Game+. By already carrying the Shiny Charm with you from the beginning, the number of Shiny-encounters in the Pokémon game in the New Game+ would be equally higher.

Or something completely different after all?

Other players additionally like the idea of taking their entire team to the New Game+, but at a lower level.

For example, imagine that legendary Pokémon can be used at the start of the New Game+. However, they must then be trained from the beginning to be truly useful.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLCCatch ’em all!

Still, not everyone agrees that there should be a New Game+ option. Some players instead argue that Game Freak should simply make it possible to choose from different difficulty levels. Whether Game Freak will ever embrace the ideas of Pokémon fans remains to be seen.

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