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Super Mario level so difficult that only 6 people finished it

You probably don’t play Super Mario to be hugely challenged. Yet there is a level in every game that seems to be a level higher than other maps. In fact, this level is so difficult that only a handful of people managed to complete it.

The horribly difficult level can be found on the game Super Mario Makers 2. The game came out in 2019 and is said to have sold more than eight million copies so far. In December 2022, Super Mario Makers 2 ranked 22nd among Nintendo’s best-selling games. Behind Mario Party Superstars, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Hardly anyone can pass this level from Super Mario

In Super Mario Maker 2, players can create their own levels. Upon release, someone created a special version of the classic level “1-1” with a surprising twist. Namely, Mario has to dodge dozens of firebows coming at him at the same time. The twist is apparently very difficult, as only six people managed to pass the infamous level.

The creator unfortunately removed the original map, but another user managed to create an identical replica of the challenging level. But with an extra addition. The copy was named “1-1 with a twist x5. The ‘x5’ part means you have to complete the map five times to pass the level. That makes the already difficult level from Super Mario Maker 2 even harder.

Viral on TikTok

The level from Super Mario Maker 2 got a lot of attention on TikTok. A user shared a video of the level, which caused many surprised reactions. For example, one user wrote: “This was so stressful to watch lol.” Another user responded, “I can’t be the only one who was watching with so much tension, right?”

In case you don’t have any plans this weekend, here’s your chance to try out the very hardest level of Super Mario. Just be aware that it will probably take you a few hours to master the gruesome map. We wish you good luck in advance!

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