Samsung Galaxy S24 seems to look good off iPhone 15

Samsung Galaxy S24 seems to look good off iPhone 15 Pro

The Samsung Galaxy S24 is the next big smartphone we will see in the battle between Android and iOS. The Ultra variant will obviously be the most elaborate that, if rumors are to be believed, takes strong inspiration from Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro.

Samsung and Apple regularly take inspiration from each other. For example, one feature appears first on Android, while another is more likely to appear on the iPhone. This is now also the case with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. It adopts one of the most striking features that Apple introduced with the iPhone 15 Pro.


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This feature that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra takes over from the iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro has a body made of titanium, which has its advantages. This makes the smartphone considerably lighter, while it hardly compromises in terms of sturdiness compared to its predecessor. Samsung has not used this material until now, but according to Korean medium The Elec, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will get a titanium frame.

The company is currently collecting titanium for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. In total, it plans to produce 15 million cases, the same number as the Galaxy S23 sold.

Other expectations for the flagship

Nevertheless, Samsung is certainly not taking over everything from the iPhone 15 Pro. The phone will have rectangular bezels to increase sturdiness. Moreover, the screen will be flat and will not have curved edges.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Android, Smartphones, ReviewThe S23 Ultra. (Image: Mark Hofman / WANT)

There are also plenty of rumors about AI functionality. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is said to become the first device from the brand to feature generative AI, similar to ChatGPT.

Earlier, Google announced something similar, with Google Assistant on the Pixel 8 Pro working with Bard. Which company Samsung plans to partner with for AI remains a big question mark.

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