Why you absolutely shouldnt insure gadgets in 2023

Why you absolutely (shouldn’t) insure gadgets in 2023

Everyone knows you can get insurance for your phone. But you can also protect your gadgets from unexpected damage. That way, you won’t suddenly face a sky-high bill if something goes wrong.

Computers, consoles, televisions, headphones and printers: they can all be insured. Even smart devices like smartwatches, video doorbells and door locks can be covered. But is that really a good idea?

Is it convenient to insure your gadgets?

Most gadgets come with a warranty upon purchase. That ensures that you can repair or replace a defective device for a certain period of time. However, such a warranty only covers manufacturing defects. If your gadget is accidentally broken, lost or stolen, you’re out of luck. That’s why it can be useful to insure your more expensive items.

Special insurance for gadgets protects you from unexpected costs and ensures that your devices are repaired quickly. Think theft, fall damage, water damage or a malfunction.


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What are the options?

In the Netherlands, you can take out contents insurance for your gadgets. This insures your tech gadgets against fire, water damage and theft. But fall or impact damage is usually not directly covered.

Compare several insurance companies to find the best deal. For example, choose extra outdoor coverage to insure your precious gadgets outside the home as well. And with liability insurance, you’re covered worldwide for damage you or your pets cause to others.

You can often decide which risks you want to insure for. It is smart to insure only for costs you cannot pay yourself. That way, you don’t have to pay for an excessive premium.

Getting insurance from the manufacturer

Some manufacturers and online web stores allow you to buy separate insurance for your laptop or smartphone, for example. Although they are usually already covered by your contents insurance, additional insurance can give you more security.

With insurance for your gadgets, you are protected against high costs. For example, if your smartphone breaks down because you dropped it. You can even get a new device without paying much. The manufacturer will make sure your gadget is repaired or replaced quickly.

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