1699101126 Turn your Instagram Reels into masterpieces with these iPhone apps

Turn your Instagram Reels into masterpieces with these iPhone apps

Instagram users see dozens of reels every day. Standing out then is a lot harder. But with the help of the right iPhone apps, you can create short videos that look great and professional.

A good app to edit a video on your iPhone must have a number of qualities. For example, it should be convenient to use, but also have enough features that contribute something to the reels you want to edit. It’s also nice if you can easily use it in conjunction with cloud services, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.


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Making reels with your iPhone? Try out one of these 6 iPhone apps

Creating beautiful reels for on Instagram really doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you’re a budding influencer or someone who just wants to share fun vacation snaps. The key lies with a good iPhone app that suits you. The list below is sure to have a good app for you among them.

#1 Instagrams in-app editor

One of the best apps for editing Instagram Reels is Instagram itself! You easily create a reel through your account and use the in-app video editor to add music, stickers, effects, VR filters and more. This way you can quickly create videos and keep up with new trends.

#2 Canva for iPhone

Canva is a great photo and video app, especially loved by many beginners. You use the iPhone app to add images and text to your video.

Canva has a wide range of templates, which make it easy to create professional reels. Plus, Canva’s “Magic Beat Sync” feature automatically tunes your footage to the rhythm of background music.

Download the app here

#3 Capcut for iPhone

CapCut is designed specifically for editing short videos. The iPhone app is free and has an easy interface. You can crop, merge and brighten your videos with sound effects, fonts and stickers. Best of all, Capcut is absolutely free, with no limitations.

Download the app here

#4 Adobe Premiere Rush

Many professionals use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit videos. Adobe Rush lets you enjoy the benefits of Premiere Pro, but in a much simpler package.

The iPhone app lets you edit all sorts of different types of videos. You use it on your computer or phone. Enjoy many useful features, including transitions, titles, color enhancement, audio and pace adjustment. You can even export your videos in HD quality.

Download the app here

#5 Adobe Express

Adobe Express is your ticket to editing in a pinch. The iPhone app is not as advanced as Adobe Premiere Rush, but it is a familiar and fast way to edit reels.

Adobe Express, like Canva, features templates and themes that you use to quickly customize videos. You also add text, animations and stickers to personalize your videos.

Download the app here

#6 KineMaster

If you’re looking for a polished, professional look, KineMaster is the iPhone app you need. In fact, this service allows you to record voiceovers, something Instagram itself does not yet allow you to do.

KineMaster works with Google Drive, making it easy to download files from Google Drive for use with KineMaster. The animations and transitions are of professional quality, and the app features high-quality exports.

You really do need a premium subscription to get the most out of KineMaster. The free version works well, but without the premium version you miss out on the best features.

Download the app here

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