Sony drops ultimate PlayStation 5 for Spider Man and Marvel fans

Sony drops ultimate PlayStation 5 for Spider-Man and Marvel fans

Insomniac Games and Sony have teamed up to give Marvel fans the ultimate PlayStation 5. Starting in September, gamers can go wild with a special Spider-Man 2 console, even if they are already equipped.

Those who currently already own a PlayStation 5 will not have to sell their current console for the impressive upgrade. In fact, Insomniac and Sony are announcing that you can easily pimp your current game console in the style of the new game as well, although “easily” may not be the right word.

Ultimate PlayStation 5 for Marvel and Spider-Man fans

Starting July 28, Dutch gamers can pre-order the new PlayStation 5. On September 1, the Limited Edition bundle will actually be delivered, over a month and a half before Spider-Man 2 is released.

Of course, not only the PlayStation 5 itself, but also the DualSense controller in this bundle features a new look. Given the influence of the iconic villain Venom in the game, this will also be clearly reflected on the console. Something that, in our opinion, makes for a delightful look.

In addition to the console and controller, the Limited Edition also comes with a digital copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which is the Standard Edition with pre-order bonuses that you can upgrade to a Digital Deluxe Edition at a later date.

To get a good impression of exactly how fat the console is, Insomniac Games and Sony have shared the trailer below with the world:

Gamers should probably act fast

As mentioned above, gamers with a PlayStation 5 in their homes need not worry. Those who really like the look of the console can choose to buy individual plates. This will also give your current game console the look of the Limited Edition.

In addition to the plates, the custom DualSense controller with Marvel’s Spider-Man jacket will also just be sold separately. Chances are you’ll have to be quick, though. The console and controller look so cool that this Limited Edition might sell out very quickly. So it won’t be very easy to get your hands on the console.

So once again, make sure you’re ready on July 28 to snap up the Limited Edition at Sony or other outlets. Which points those will be is unknown at this time. We’ll keep an eye out for you.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 5

During the San Diego Comic-Con, where the special PlayStation 5 was revealed, visitors also got to see a new trailer. In it, the relationship between Spider-Man and Venom in the game is explained a little better.

Marvel Entertainment has also published the trailer online. It can be viewed below:

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released on Oct. 20 for PlayStation 5.

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