The awesome multiplayer Spider Man game that the PlayStation 5 will

The awesome multiplayer Spider-Man game that the PlayStation 5 will never get

Online, a trailer leaked of Spider-Man: The Great Web. A PlayStation 5 title in Insomniac Games’ Spidey-Verse that, at first glance, seems perfect. But we’re unfortunately never going to get it.

Insomniac Games has captured the hearts of Marvel fans with Spider-Man, Miles Morales and the second installment. The games for the PlayStation 5 do exactly what you expect from such a title, and the future looks bright in this area.

For example, the developer could also release the perfect multiplayer game for the PlayStation 5. At least for Spider-Man fans. However, that’s not an idea, but the harsh reality that comes with a leaked trailer of a game that will never appear. Probably.


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Trailer ultimate game Spider-Man leaks out

Spider-Man: The Great Web looks like the game every Marvel fan would love to play. At least here at the editorial office. Because imagine Insomniac’s successful PlayStation 5 title, but as a live service game that you can therefore play with other players.

On Reddit and other social media, such as YouTube, a trailer is now leaking for just that concept. In it, we hear Peter Parker explain the concept of Spider-Man: The Great Web. “Sometimes you swing around by yourself, but you’re always better off with some friends,” is heard. With this, the character is logically referring to the fact that this will not be a single player, but a multiplayer game.

Thanks to the leaked trailer, we know that the Sinister Six, which includes Doc Ock, was part of the plan and that other Spidey characters would be featured. Spider-Gwen, Spider-Man 2099 and even Venom appear in the trailer for the PlayStation 5 title.

There are many similarities to the second full-length Spidey game released by Insomniac last year, but new features such as portals to other universes are also part of the trailer, which has since been widely discussed and viewed online.

PlayStation 5 will never get the title

That the universe of Spider-Man is in good hands at Insomniac Games, we already knew, but is further confirmed in the above trailer. Still, as a Marvel fan, you may not want to get too excited about the whole party.

After all, Spider-Man: The Great Web is a title that is no longer in development and thus will not be released. Last year, for example, journalist Jason Schreier revealed that the title was cancelled long ago, just as Sony did with several live-service titles.

That the trailer does appear at this time has everything to do with a data breach Insomniac faced last year. At the time, 1 million files, the size of 1.7 TB, were hurled onto the Web.

The chances of us ever getting to see this title are very slim, but fortunately the studio now has other projects underway that we can be excited about. Besides the Wolverine game, the company is also working on an X-Men game, and the universe around Spider-Man doesn’t seem to be left alone just yet either.

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