Yes WhatsApp does indeed save photos twice and it drives

Yes, WhatsApp does indeed save photos twice (and it drives us crazy)

Do you send and receive a lot of photos via WhatsApp? If so, you may have noticed that photos are saved twice. Rest assured: it’s not your fault.

In recent days, WhatsApp users have been complaining about photo storage. When you save an image from WhatsApp, it is saved not once, but twice. Not only is it cluttered, it also costs you extra storage space. Very irritating when you receive an awful lot of messages.

This problem seems to occur mostly to people with iPhones. It appears it is not your fault, but rather WhatsApp. As such, Apple is referring to the app’s customer service department through its support channels.

What exactly is going on with WhatsApp on the iPhone?

For several days now, something strange seems to be going on with WhatsApp. Photos are being saved twice. We too experience this problem and, probably like you, find it terribly irritating.

So it really seems to be a recent bug at WhatsApp. However, parent company Meta has not yet responded to the problems. To make matters worse, there doesn’t seem to be a fix either.

Whatsapp iPhoneWhatsApp (Image: Ritcie B. Tongo / ANP)

Several users have searched for a solution themselves, but come up with nothing. For example, turning off photo saving, restarting the iPhone and enabling the option again does not help.

Waiting for a solution from Meta

The problem is causing quite a few reactions. Some iPhone users even thought they had been hacked. It’s pretty weird when every photo is saved twice, right? Fortunately, you don’t have to fear a hack.

Since it seems to be a bug, it’s waiting for a WhatsApp update. Since many people seem to have this problem, Meta will probably already be working on a new version in the background, even if the company doesn’t let on. So, wait and see!

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