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Grand Theft Auto VI may just become the most important game ever

According to analysts, the 2025 game Grand Theft Auto VI may well become a the most important game in history. But isn’t this a bit of an exaggeration?

Grand Theft Auto VI is finally on its way. Since the release of the previous game in the series, GTA V in 2013, fans have been eagerly awaiting the next game in the series for years. And 2025 is finally the year that this dream will come true.

But analysts say there is a fair amount of pressure on the highly anticipated game. They feel that Grand Theft Auto VI could have a huge impact on the entire gaming industry and become the most important release in history. But will the launch of GTA VI really be that important? Or is it somewhat exaggerated?

The importance of Grand Theft Auto VI

The gaming industry is not doing extremely well at the moment. For example, many people have been laid off, games cancelled and even studios closed to save money. And then there are few big titles coming out this year. Money is a big problem right now.

Mat Piscatella works for the statistics company Circana and has made his concerns about the gaming industry clear. He explains that there are extremely few games coming out this year that we are sure will sell well. He even wonders if companies are making games at all.

Grand Theft Auto VI may just become the most important game ever (image: Rockstar Games)

Piscatella says the gaming industry needs a big blockbuster this year, even though the games Palworld and Helldivers 2 have already sold well. According to Piscatella, 2024 needs a game on the same level as the 2023 hit Hogwarts Legacy.

And here the role of Grand Theft Auto VI becomes clear. With so few big games coming out this year, less money is being made than hoped. A huge and highly anticipated game like Grand Theft Auto VI next year is needed to make up for the loss of 2024. Consequently, Piscatella calls the game the most important game release in history.

Really that important?

It is certain that Grand Theft Auto VI is going to be a big game. Fans have been waiting for the next GTA game for more than a decade. Therefore, we can be almost certain that GTA VI is going to be the biggest game of 2025.

But it may be a bit of an exaggeration to call the action game the most important game release of all time. GTA VI will certainly be important to the gaming industry, but this is mainly because of the money that will be made from the game.


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Still, there is more to what should make a game the most important release ever. For example, the game must also bring with it a revolutionary component: it must inspire other games. Examples of important game releases are games like Super Mario or Pokémon Red. These games are to this day a giant inspiration for other games.

It is uncertain whether Grand Theft Auto VI will have that impact, as the third part did, for example. That was one of the first truly great open-world action games in 3D where players had real freedom.

GTA VI is going to be a popular and important game anyway, especially for the financial side of the gaming industry. But to call GTA VI the most important gaming release ever is a bit of an exaggeration.

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