The long wait for these games on PlayStation and Xbox

The long wait for these games on PlayStation and Xbox was all but worth it

Waiting months or years for that one game for the PlayStation or Xbox, only to find out that the game sucks. That hurts.

Looking forward to your own on something can enhance the complete experience. Especially when fat games are announced. Waiting months and sometimes years to be able to play that game. And then the moment finally arrives when the disc hits the doormat or the game is finally installed.

What turns out: it’s a dregs game. There’s almost no more annoying feeling than that the game you’ve waited so long for sucks. Especially when the game has received a hefty dose of hype online. These games for the PlayStation or the Xbox were totally not worth the hype and the long wait.

These games on the PlayStation and Xbox were not worth the wait and hype

A game can be a flop for many reasons. The gameplay is not fun, the graphics are bad or the creators did not deliver on their promises about the game. These games flopped and were absolutely not worth the wait.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

The first Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on the PlayStation or Xbox was a top-notch game. While far from perfect, it was a unique look into the Star Wars universe. It had fun brawls, cool lightsabers and generally a dark but tough look. Part two would make everything even better, the developers said.

Not so. The story was less interesting, the graphics were disappointing and the game was full of bugs and glitches. There would have been problems during the production of the game. This was very evident in the final product.


Knack was one of the games that came out at the same time as the PlayStation 4. So for an awful lot of gamers, this would be the very first game they would play on the then new generation PlayStation. A moment you obviously look forward to.

As we know, the PlayStation 4 was a mega success. Knack, on the other hand, a lot less so. The game started well, but soon players became frustrated with the mediocre story and random spawning of enemies.

The wait for these PlayStation and Xbox games was a flop (Image: Sony)


Evolve was a game that many gamers needed. On both the PlayStation and Xbox, competitive games dominated the market. So generally the goal was to kill each other. Evolve would take a different approach. In this game, you worked with three other hunters to finish off a large monster, who would also be played by someone, before the monster does the same to you.

Sounds cool right? A lot of people thought so too and the hype grew by the day. So did the makers’ promises. Then when the game finally came out, it was disappointing. Extremely disappointing. That exciting gameplay full of cooperation was boring, repetitive and the game was bursting with glitches.

The long wait for these games on PlayStation and Xbox were anything but worth it (image: Turtle Rock Studios)

Mass Effect: Andromeda

The Mass Effect games have everything you want in a sci-fi game. Interesting characters, cool planets, an intriguing story full of space travel and impending doom. You could even influence the outcome of the game with your choices, too. When Mass Effect: Andromeda was announced, fans were ecstatic.

The game they ended up getting on their PlayStation or Xbox was very different from what was advertised. The story was incredibly boring compared to the previous games, the gameplay was disappointing and images of all sorts of glitches around characters’ facial expressions appeared online. The applause very quickly turned into boos for Mass Effect: Andromeda.

The long wait for these games on PlayStation and Xbox were anything but worth it (image: Electronic Arts)

Watch Dogs

GTA, but with hacking. That’s how you could describe Watch Dogs. And the trailer for the game shown at E3 in 2012 was the dream for many gamers. Because from the graphics, mouths fell open en masse and the seamless transition from hacking and walking around the world was stunning. More beautiful than that trailer, unfortunately, it didn’t get.

The graphics in the final game were nothing compared to what we saw in the trailer. The word “downgrade” is putting it mildly. The hacking was also a lot less exciting. The game was doomed to become nothing more than a semi-malicious rip-off of the much better GTA.

The wait for these PlayStation and Xbox games was a flop (Image: Ubisoft)

No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is an incredibly good and comprehensive game today. After more than 8 years, the game still gets substantial updates on a monthly basis. It’s almost as if its creators have something to make up to its players… When No Man’s Sky originally came out, it was such an incredibly big flop that many gamers felt cheated.

The game was heralded as an infinite exploration game. In which every planet you would find had something new. The game on the PlayStation and Xbox was technically infinite, but each planet was a simple copy of another with a different color palette. Fans were angry and abandoned the game en masse. So the creators decided to up-date the game so much that hardly anything remains of the flop it was all those years ago. So that’s how it can be done!

No Man's Sky (Image: Hello Games)

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