Hi Fi Rush is the Game Pass hit of the moment

Hi-Fi Rush is the Game Pass hit of the moment (and it gets better)

Anyone who subscribes to Xbox Game Pass knows that there is a hefty catalog of great games to be found there. Logically, some titles generate a little more enthusiasm than others, and in that regard, Hi-Fi Rush is the perfect example.

Recently, players have been going wild with this Hack and Slash rhythm game from developer Tango Gameworks. During the Xbox Showcase, which we wrote the following article about earlier this week, it became clear that the experience is going to get even better. Time to get acquainted with this delightful title.

Hi-Fi Rush: the Xbox Game Pass hit of the moment

Hi-Fi Rush is a special gem. The game was recently announced out of nowhere and was immediately playable. Unique, especially since the game comes from the quiver of Shinji Mikami. His studio, Tango Gameworks, has worked on such horror games as The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo. So no one expected that a colorful rhythm game would be his next project.

As did the success of the game. Hi-Fi Rush is a masterful game that plays incredibly well. Gamers with an Xbox Game Pass subscription have been able to go wild with the title for a while now and seem to be enjoying it to the fullest. Not surprisingly, as it seems to be a blend of several successful titles while remaining incredibly unique.

Although the two subjects are apart, I can compare it excellently to the Apple Vision Pro. You can tell so much about it, but it is something you have to experience. And that only seems to become more rewarding in the near future.

Hi-Fi Rush gets even better

During the Xbox Showcase, earlier this week, Game Director John Johanas revealed what the much-discussed Arcade update will bring players. As of July 5, the update is available and it provides a number of new modes within Hi-Fi Rush.

BPM Rush, the game’s turbo mode, causes the pace of the music to increase as you defeat more enemies. The game speeds up, the intensity grows and the sweaty hands show themselves without a doubt.

Power Up! is an opposite version of the current Rhythm Tower mode. The fully upgraded Chai gives way to a character whose stats and skills are reset to zero. You can choose which upgrades you want.

Two interesting new additions for which, according to the developer himself, you really have to finish the main story. Only then will both modes be available in the game on Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass is a gem in itself

Hi-Fi Rush is yet another example of the power of Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft’s subscription is ideal for gamers who want to try out great titles, but especially for those who want to discover new gems. In fact, the service is packed with.

Titles like Moonlighter, Hades and Hi-Fi Rush would certainly do well even without the service. But it does ensure that many more gamers, including yours truly, are exposed to such titles. Pure profit, if you ask me.

Xbox Game Pass will cost you a minimum of $9.99 per month and is available on your Xbox console or PC.

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