Corsair K70 RGB Pro the keyboard for every gamer

Corsair K70 RGB Pro: the keyboard for every gamer

With the Corsair K70 RGB Pro, Corsair has released a tremendously nice new keyboard. It is obviously ideal for gaming, but I also find it ideal to connect to my PC and work with. It is a model that is equipped with many conveniences and therefore offers real quality.

The only thing missing from the Corsair K70 RGB Pro is that it is not wireless. I have the habit in my office of switching between my keyboard for my Mac and the PC and I only want one at a time on my desk. I find wireless just a bit easier to switch between them. Yet the maker has found a reasonable solution. I will mention it at one of the points I noticed.

Corsair K70 RGB Pro Review

USB-C cable falls apart

So the Corsair K70 RGB Prois not wireless. But I didn’t miss that much in the end. The keyboard works with a USB-C cable that you can detach. So in my cable management, I can sit my USB-C cable in the PC and then snap it in when using it. That way I can easily put it away after use without having to fiddle with cables. Also, this means you never have a battery that runs out, so you can happily go wild with your favorite game for hours at a time.

The K70 RGB Pro KeyboardThe K70 RGB Pro (Image: Corsair)

Ticks tremendously fine

With the Corsair K70 RGB Pro you get a mechanical keyboard in the house. It uses the so-called Cherry MX mechanical keyswitches. Besides the fact that these make a wonderful ticking sound and provide feedback, it also feels good. Sometimes you have keyboards where you don’t quite get a good sense of whether you’re pressing keys, but that’s really not the case in this case. Whether you’re tapping a beautiful piece, like this review, or hovering over the keyboard in your favorite game with your hands to tap the right buttons, it feels very nice. So in addition, you have the feeling of sturdiness, which invites you to really go at it without fear of it breaking.

The K70 RGB Pro KeyboardInvites you to tap (Image: Corsair)

Multimedia shortcuts on the keyboard

I use my PC for more than just gaming. The device is often used for my work as well. And in the process, I regularly listen to music. So with the Corsair K70 RGB Pro keyboard, I’m glad it uses a few multimedia buttons. The wheel to adjust the volume on the top right is the most convenient. Especially when I think I hear my wife calling from downstairs it is nice if I can quickly adjust the volume. But also the buttons to pause music or move on to the next song if something is not to my liking are very welcome.

1645383268 372 Corsair K70 RGB Pro the keyboard for every gamerHandy! (Image: Corsair)

Feels solid

The Corsair K70 RGB Pro is a sturdy thing. The aluminum case does make it a bit on the heavy side, as just over a kilo for a keyboard is hefty. But this gives you the feeling that it can take a beating. In addition, it is nice and big and there is enough space between the keys to make them easy to find when you are typing blind. In the heat of battle, where you quickly use different keys, it’s really nice that it’s all sturdy and can handle the most fanatical gamer without problems.

1645383269 377 Corsair K70 RGB Pro the keyboard for every gamerYou don’t break it easily (Image: Corsair)

Customize your colors on the Corsair K70 RGB Pro keyboard

A keyboard is only a real keyboard when it features lights. And you will, of course, find these on the Corsair K70 RGB Pro. With about 16 million different colors, you can go crazy with it. Via the iCUE software, which you can link to the keyboard, you can customize everything to your liking. The software also allows you to remap the keys and use macros. In this way you have everything perfectly under control.

1645383269 880 Corsair K70 RGB Pro the keyboard for every gamerYay, colors! (Image: Corsair)

All in all, the Corsair K70 RGB Pro is an excellent keyboard for gamers. Want to score it yourself? Then you can go here. Want to read more about gaming? Then visit our overview page here.

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