Looking for a Fathers Day gift These 5 Sonos products

Looking for a Father’s Day gift? These 5 Sonos products are worth a look

Father’s Day, better known as Father’s Day, is upon us again. This Sunday is the perfect time to put your dad in the spotlight (even though he’s already shining full bright). So go in, gift him a delicious Sonos product and enjoy eternal glory. Jeroen looked at the deals Sonos is making available and lists the five best for you.

Sonos makes great speakers and they also work great with your television and your iPhone. But which speaker is the ideal gift for Father’s Day?

The ideal Sonos speakers for Father’s Day.

We list the five ideal Sonos speakers for Father’s Day. Here they come.

#1 Sonos Era 100

The Sonos Era 100 is the successor to One. It is the small speaker that you can put in any room of the house. Your dad can put it in the kitchen if he wants to listen to great music while cooking, but it is also great to use as an addition to your home theater. It will cost you 279 euros for Father’s Day.

Sonos finally drops its HomePod killers with Era 100 and Era 300One in a new look (Image: Sonos)

#2 Era 300 for Father’s Day

Is your dad a little more demanding? Then you come to the Sonos Era 300 for Father’s Day. The advantage of this model over the previous one is that the Era 300 has spatial audio. This makes you feel like you’re standing in the middle of the concert hall, just as the artist envisioned.

For the better sound, you also pay a little more. The Sonos Era 300 has a price tag of 499 euros.

Sonos finally drops its HomePod killers with Era 100 and Era 300Booyah! (Image: Sonos)

#3 Sonos Arc

Is your dad a real movie buff? Then the Sonos Arc should definitely not be missing from the living room. Whether he wants to watch the new season of The Witcher, or just stream Avatar to his television, the soundbar turns the activity into a unique experience.

The Sonos Arc produces dramatic clarity and depth that immerse you in the atmosphere of the movie. The great thing is that it is now extra cheap at Mediamarkt because of Father’s Day. There you will pay 749 euros instead of 999 euros.

sonos arcThe Arc (Image: Sonos)

#4 Ray

Despite the discount, is the Sonos Arc still a bit too pricey for you? Then the Ray might be your ideal alternative for Father’s Day. This one is just a bit more compact and thus fits perfectly in smaller rooms. With its beautiful design, it easily fits under any television. It is also the ideal option for an enclosed space, such as a plan in a TV cabinet.

That it is not as expensive as the Ray is evident from its price. You will pay 239 euros for this soundbar.

Sonos Ray, Use these 5 tips to make your Sonos speakers even more awesome

#5 Sub

Does your dad already have a Sonos soundbar at home? Then a Sub is the ideal addition for Father’s Day. With it, he’ll create deep bass in his home. Thanks to TruePlay, the sub automatically adapts to the room. The design also looks very sleek.

The Sonos Sub normally costs €499. Yet you can score it here for €479. Still another 20 euros you can spend on other fun things during Father’s Day.

Sonos Sub Mini, Sonos, Subwoofer

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