1691315361 This is the time to pull that one Harry Potter

This is the time to pull that one Harry Potter game out of the closet again

You can forget about Hogwarts Legacy for a while, because another Harry Potter game has had a major update. The mobile game Hogwarts Mystery first saw the light of day five years ago. Now there is a lot of new content to discover again.

When you play Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, you begin as a young wizard student. You take classes to learn new spells, play Quidditch and complete various assignments. The game’s new expansion goes beyond that.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery expansion

Indeed, in the Beyond Hogwarts expansion, it’s time to graduate. Once you complete the 7th grade, you can leave Hogwarts, grow up and start a real big-man career. That’s exactly what the Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy sequel could learn from!

You can choose different career paths: healer, wizard and magizoologist. You do this at the Rare Obscure Confounding Case Division, or ROCC. By the way, your character will no longer look like a child either. After all, you have grown up.

Hogwarts Mystery Harry Potter (Image: Portkey Games)

A lot of new content

Another nice touch is that the story is now set just before Harry Potter goes to Olivander in the Wegisweg in 1991 to pick out his wand. You may even be able to catch a glimpse of the famous wizard.

In all, there are more than 15 new environments to discover and at least 25 new chapters to complete. The HP game is still free to play and can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone. However, several in-app purchases are available.

Are you not quite waiting for the Hogwarts Mystery expansion after all, but still want to further explore the world of Harry Potter? In addition to Hogwarts Legacy, you can also take a look at the mobile game Magic Awakened. Unfortunately, the Pokémon Go-like game Wizards Unite is now no longer playable.

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