Xbox Game Pass in July 2023 Grand Theft Auto V

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can be had for as little as one whole euro this summer

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is the ideal service for the real gamer. For a fixed amount per month you get to play an unlimited number of games. Basically, it’s a Netflix for games.

Want to play the latest games as inexpensively as possible? Then the Xbox Series S combined with Game Pass Ultimate might be the best choice. This summer it can be even more affordable. The console itself now costs 280 euros and the subscription service is even cheaper this summer.

This is Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

On Xbox Game Pass Ultimate there are a lot of very good games. These are not only small names from indie developers, but also bigger titles such as GTA 5, FIFA 23 and Mortal Kombat 11.
Of course, those games won’t show up on Game Pass immediately upon release. However, that is different for games made by Microsoft studios themselves. For example, consider Bethesda which was acquired by Microsoft. Which is bringing Starfield to Game Pass immediately upon release.

Here’s how to score an extra cheap membership

If you are a true gamer, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is an ideal service anyway. Normally, a membership costs 14.99 euros per month. This is very advantageous if you compare it to the price of a new game. Those easily cost around seventy euros.

This summer, however, it will be considerably more advantageous. For Microsoft has a special offer. As a result, you will pay only one euro to use Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. By the way, this is for one month. After that, however, you will have to pay 14.99 euros.

These PlayStation 5 exclusive games you can now play 'for free' on XboxDeathloop you play on the service. Image: Bethesda)

This promotion had existed for some time, but disappeared over time. Why Microsoft is pulling it out of the attic again now is unknown. Perhaps it is because we are in the middle of the vacation season or perhaps it just wants to warm up players for Starfield, which comes out on September 6.

This promotion is specifically for new members and people who have not had Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for a long time. So if you already have a subscription to the service, you’re out of luck.

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