1701346412 You can play these Grand Theft Auto games for free

You can play these Grand Theft Auto games for free on…Netflix starting this month?

Soon it will be possible to play Grand Theft Auto through your Netflix account. Starting December 14, GTA III, San Andreas and Vice City will appear on the streaming service.

This morning I mentioned it briefly in The Quick Bite, but it’s too good to just pass by people. Anyone with a Netflix account will soon be able to play the GTA Trilogy, and that’s exactly the direction the streaming service should be going.

GTA Trilogy will appear on Netflix

The three games are not coming to Netflix separately, but will appear in the form of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. This bundle appeared on the market in late 2021.

Very good the bundle wasn’t for the money you had to pay for it, but as a free addition to Netflix’s gaming offerings, we can’t help but be excited, if only because of GTA III’s iconic status.

Anyone with a Netflix subscription will thus be able to play GTA III as well as San Andreas and Vice City. You can play the iconic trio directly from the streaming service’s app, but the games can also be installed separately on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

A step in the right direction

Earlier this week Jeroen wrote another article about YouTube and Netflix trying to establish themselves in the world of PlayStation and Xbox. The big question here is mainly what those first two parties, with not too many interesting titles, have to do there.

While that issue is still relevant as far as I’m concerned, I can hardly help but say that Netflix really does take a step in the right direction with the GTA trilogy. When you give your subscribers something extra with titles like these, you’re really doing something right as far as I’m concerned, especially when you add in other titles like Hades and Moonlighter.

Netflix doesn’t have to be your next gaming platform, and it won’t be, but additions like this at no extra cost are a real delight as far as I’m concerned.


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Playing GTA on Netflix: what does it cost?

Should you be interested in playing GTA III, San Andreas or Vice City soon on Netflix, logically you will need a subscription to the streaming service.

At the time of writing, the company is charging the following prices:

Basic | HD quality (720p), download on 1 device | 7.99 euros per month
Standard | Full HD quality (1080p), download on 2 devices | 11.99 euros per month
Premium | Ultra HD quality (4K), HDR, Spatial audio, download on 4 devices | 15.99 euros per month

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