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Call of Duty from next month free for PlayStation 5 and PS4

Every month, Sony is giving away a number of games for the PlayStation 5 and PS4. PlayStation Plus members can add the titles to their library for free, then install and play them whenever they want. This month, it’s Call of Duty coming to members for free. Though that’s not the only game.

PlayStation Plus members will be able to add the new titles to their library starting July 4, 2023. Until then, it is possible to get this month’s games in. In this article, we tell you all about it.

Call of Duty free on PlayStation 5 and PS4

It’s not often that Activision and Sony join forces to make Call of Duty available for PlayStation Plus. Fortunately, the two are making an exception for July 2023, giving gamers who haven’t played in a while the opportunity to see where the franchise stands today.

A little awkward perhaps, as the available title dates back to November 2020. While gamers are currently enjoying Modern Warfare II to the fullest, PlayStation Plus members are getting Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for free this month. Both those with a PlayStation 5 and those with a PS4 can get in on it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, by the way, was a tasty game that we as editors of WANT played together a lot. It did feel a bit old-fashioned again, especially with the enjoyable single player story that came with it.

So if you have a PlayStation 5 or PS4 with an active Plus subscription, I definitely recommend giving the game a try.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War OutbreakThe new Outbreak mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (Image: Activision)

Alan Wake and Endling also off the hook

In case you don’t have much with Call of Duty or have already played the game, you won’t be disappointed this month. On July 6, you will also get the PlayStation 5 and PS4 versions of Alan Wake Remastered.

This adventure game from Remedy Entertainment (Control and Max Payne) puts you in the shoes of Alan Wake, a man who is desperately searching for his missing wife, but ends up on a very different track during that search.

In case that’s not quite the thing for you either, you’ll have an excellent time with Endling: Extinction is Forever. This title is also available for both consoles.

The world has been destroyed by mankind, and as the last fox on the entire planet, it’s your job to discover exactly what humans are up to. You do so in order to save your own kind and give the planet a greater chance of survival.

Why you’ll want to get those PlayStation 5 and PS4 games in.

So those with PlayStation Plus subscriptions will have plenty of time to spend on games again this month. Although you don’t have to play Call of Duty, Alan Wake and Endling right away.

We always recommend adding the free games for the PlayStation 5 and PS4 to your library, even if you might not be interested in playing the game right now.

Why? Sabine lovingly tells you in the article below:

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