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7 things we already know for sure about the Apple iPhone 15

We still have a while to wait, but the release day of the iPhone 15 is getting closer and closer. What can we expect? Here are 7 things that will almost certainly make their appearance in Apple’s new device.

While a date for Apple’s next event is not yet officially known, we do know that a new iPhone is coming out (duh). The company hasn’t managed to keep many details inside. Here are some things that are 99 percent certain to come out on the iPhone 15.

Apple iPhone 15 will be a big deal

One of the biggest “complaints” heard about the iPhone 14 is that the device was only a minor improvement over the iPhone 13. The iPhone 15 looks like it will be a big improvement, though. But what can we really expect upon release?

#1 The chip will not be an M3 or M2+

Although the company proudly announced the M3 chip, Apple is really going for the A17 Bionic with the 15 Pro. Not surprising, since that very chip is focused on being the successor to the A16. An M3 is certainly possible, but the chances are slim. Surely the company is really saving the chipset for new MacBooks and perhaps new iPads. But it’s not as if the A17 Bionic is going to disappoint (or is it? the N3E is not the fastest chip) in the iPhone 15 Pro. The chip is reportedly similar to the M2+(?).

The device is based on TSMC’s 3nm process for continuous performance and efficiency improvements. The iPhone 15 and Plus, by the way, will get the A16 chip.

#2 The iPhone 15 will be made of titanium

Apple has been romping with titanium casing for a while now. Like the Apple Watch Ultra, the iPhone 15 Pro will also get a similar material. It thus replaces stainless steel, making the phones not only stronger but also lighter.

iPhone 15 comes in these two fat new colorsA concept of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. (Image: Antonio DeRosa)

#3 Get rid of the bezel

The edges of the iPhone 15 are getting even thinner. And that’s not coming out of the blue. Apple is already pushing to make those bezels on an iPad (Pro) even smaller. Personally, I’ve never had a problem with the edges of the screen, but it never hurts.

The moment other brands made smartphones with “fold around” screens, it started itching anyway. Why doesn’t Apple make smaller bezels? Well, there’s a huge chance that they will now.

#4 The USB-C port is a reality

The USB-C port on an iPhone 15 is just a fact of life. After wrangling with the EU, the company does have to switch. Not like that’s surprising, since the iPad Pro and the new MacBook have it anyway.

There is a slight kink (no pun intended), though. The USB-C standard for iPhone is what Apple calls MfI. So you only get the best speed and charging capabilities with a cable that is “Made for iPhone. Is the EU happy about that? Not exactly.

iPhone 15 comes in these two fat new colorsA concept of the iPhone 15 in new colors. (Image: 9to5Mac)

#5 Faster Wi-Fi on your Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Wi-Fi 6E: Like the latest Macs and iPad Pro, the iPhone 15 Pro will support Wi-Fi 6E for faster wireless speeds, according to a leaked schedule. That’s particularly nice for professional users, but yo-yo’s aren’t going to notice much else about this.

#6 Action on your Apple iPhone 15

Although still a rumor, this one is persistent. And that’s understandable, because Apple’s new phone is said to get action buttons. It’s even a bit reminiscent of the Apple Watch Ultra’s Action Button.

The button would be a replacement for the classic Mute button currently located on the side of the phone. You can already find this button on the iPhone since 2017. And since Apple is committed to accessibility, it is not surprising that the iPhone 15 will get such a button. You could already use the back of an iPhone for additional functions, so why not with an action button?

#7 Foldable camera is becoming a thing

The iPhone 15 Pro Max will have a periscope telephoto lens, according to Kuo. This could result in a device with an optical zoom of up to 5x-6x, compared to 3x on the iPhone 14 Pro models.

iPhone 15 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S24 share this virtuoso updateA dummy of the Ultra. (Image: YouTube/Unbox Therapy)

The periscopic zoom lens provides true telephoto zoom. Combined with the iPhone 15 Ultra’s new 48MP sensor, it makes for a powerful camera. In other words, chances are that professional photographers will no longer have to lug around the best masterpiece.

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