Apple Watch of the future finally releases biggest limitation

Apple Watch of the future finally releases biggest limitation

The Apple Watch is without a doubt the most successful smartwatch on the market. Not surprisingly, because Apple’s smartwatch handles things excellently. Although there is one limitation consumers unfortunately still face.

Anyone who has an Apple Watch in their home knows that anno 2023 it can only be paired with one iPhone. Fortunately, that really does seem to be coming to an end in the future. And it’s going to get more beautiful, too!

Limitation Apple Watch may become a thing of the past

On Twitter, analyst and also reliable source, analyst941, reveals that the Apple Watch will become less restricted in the future. Currently, the smartwatch can only be paired with one iPhone, but in the future it will support multiple smartphones.

Though it doesn’t seem to stop there. Whereas the Apple Watch primarily leans on the iPhone, the model of the future will also support other products, such as the iPad and Mac, for example.

Exactly how this expansion will be implemented is not yet clear, nor is the time of launch. However, Analyst941 hopes that Apple will release the update before the end of this year.

You read it right: update. In fact, Analyst941 expects the support for multiple devices to appear through a software update. So there is a pretty good chance that older Apple Watch models will also benefit from this update.

Celebrate King's Day like a Boss: win this orange Apple Watch strapThe Series 8 and the Ultra. (Image: Mark Hofman/OMT)

watchOS 10 biggest update in years

It just might be that watchOS 10 will bring with it such support. At WWDC 23, taking place this June, we will get our first taste of the software for the Apple Watch.

Something to be excited about, if recent rumors are to be believed. In fact, it strongly seems that watchOS 10 will be one of the biggest updates in years.

How exactly that is, OMT editor Jeroen Kraak lovingly explains to you in the article below:

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