1684831116 How Apple plans to battle ChatGPT with Siri on iPhone

How Apple plans to battle ChatGPT with Siri on iPhone

ChatGPT and AI are the hot topic in the tech world right now. Until now it has been quiet around Apple and the iPhone, but now the company seems to be coming up with an answer to competition from Google and Microsoft.

Every tech company seems to want its own ChatGPT at the moment. Microsoft is investing in the AI chatbot and Google has developed its own variant with Bard. On Apple’s side, it still remains very quiet. Yet there finally seems to be an answer from the company through new job postings. But how will the iPhone maker make it difficult for the competition?

Apple and ChatGPT

Where Apple was once ahead of the competition with its smart voice assistant Siri, it now dangles at the very back. Siri has barely received any updates on the iPhone for years, while Google Assistant, for example, has only gotten better. With the advent of services like ChatGPT, that lag could get even worse. So Apple needs to do something and seems to be doing it now.

Google with Bard and Microsoft with ChatGPT have already outlined their plans. Apple, however, is keeping its jaws tightly shut. Therefore, it seems that the company is not working on it at all, but nothing could be further from the truth. This is evident from new job openings posted on the company’s site. A total of 28 job openings that emphasize AI have appeared in the last 19 days. A total of 88 are now open in that field.

Those job postings are interesting, of course, because they give us a better idea of how Apple plans to compete with ChatGPT. In them we find texts like “the next generation of Siri’s natural language understanding” and “the crucial shift in AI technologies leading the human-computer interaction revolution.”

The future of the iPhone

So seeing these sentences, Apple does not seem to be coming up with a dedicated app for AI, like ChatGPT and Bard. So instead, it really wants to improve Siri from the inside out. This will allow the voice assistant to be truly groundbreaking again, just like before.

Apple, Siri voice replicationHey Siri! (Image: Apple)

Of course, what we want is for Siri to get a lot smarter on the iPhone. How nice would it be if the voice assistant can perform even more commands that we know from ChatGPT. That combined to get the latest information from the Internet should be the formula for success.

Of course, if this really happens, it will change the use of the iPhone. The device will then become even smarter and a true assistant. Apple also has to because it sees the competition making rapid strides. For example, OpenAI released a ChatGPT app for the iPhone this weekend in the United States. In several other countries, the service will be rolled out in the coming weeks. Whether the Netherlands is among them remains to be seen.

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