One More Deal secure your home for next to nothing

One More Deal: secure your home for next to nothing with discounted Eufy

At OMT, we keep an eye on the Internet for you looking for the best deals. This week the smart doorbells and security systems from Eufy that are considerably cheaper at Coolblue.

Of course at One More Thing we write mostly about Apple, but we also keep an eye on the products that you can combine perfectly well with iPhone or Mac. This week Coolblue has some interesting offers to make your Smart Home even more secure.

Eufy doorbell easily links to your iPhone

Maybe the Eufy brand does not immediately ring a bell to you, but it is part of Anker. You may recognize that company from its various iPhone accessories.

With Eufy, it also makes ideal products for your smartphone. This makes it a fine alternative to Ring. Coolblue has several items from the brand on sale that you easily connect to your iPhone.

First up, we start with the Eufy Video Doorbell Battery Set at Coolblue. This doorbell with camera works through motion detection. As soon as it notices something in front of your door, the camera turns on. This works fine even in the dark. You have the set with 60 euros discount for 159 euros.

This security camera is cheaper at Coolblue

Because this device stores images locally, you don’t need a cloud subscription or SD card to review images. Through the special app on your iPhone, you communicate with people standing in front of your door.

Eufy camera video doorbell CoolblueThe camera set from Eufy that you score at a discount. (Image: Eufy)

But in addition to smart doorbells, Coolblue also has Eufy security cameras in its assortment, in different types. For example, one of the finest offerings is the EufyCam 3 Duo Pack. These film in 4K.

With this you get two good quality cameras that also have a solar panel. This means you have to charge them a lot less often. You easily connect them to the Homebase 3 that comes with it.

The two Eufy cameras and the Homebase 3 normally cost 549 euros. Now you have them at Coolblue for 449 euros. That’s a 100 euro discount, that is.

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