Sony stunts free PlayStation 5 and PS4 games for April

Sony stunts free PlayStation 5 and PS4 games for April 2023

Sony is stunting its free games for the month of April. Gamers with a PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 in their home, and an active Plus subscription, can claim three new titles again. And one of those titles is quite unique.

Although the Extra and Premium subscriptions give you more benefits, the standard PlayStation Plus Essential subscription is good for three free games every month. By default, you can add these to your collection that, provided you have an active subscription, you can use forever.

Free PlayStation 5 and PS4 games set for April 2023

This month there are three more free games that you can snag for your PlayStation 5 or PS4. They are the games Meet Your Maker, Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Tail of Iron.

Of the three games, Meet Your Maker is the one that, to put it mildly, manages to steal the show. Not because of the fact that it is a magisterial game (after all, we have no idea), but precisely because of the unique treatment it gets from Sony.

Whereas Xbox gamers with an active Game Pass subscription are used to it, PlayStation Plus subscribers don’t often experience a Day One game coming to them. So Meet Your Maker is an exception to that rule, and so it’s also available to Essential subscribers for free.


Day One?

Day One games are titles that are immediately available on the day of launch for services such as Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus.

What is the Plus subscription like?

So to claim the free PlayStation 5 games, you need an active subscription to PlayStation Plus. Whereas you used to have a choice of just one subscription, nowadays gamers can choose from three different versions.

Within the Plus subscription, these are your options:

Essential | Online / monthly games / Exclusive discounts and content / PlayStation Plus collection | $8.99 per month / $59.99 per year
Additional | Same as Essential + Game Catalog and Ubisoft+ Games |. 13.99 euros per month / 99.99 euros per year
Premium | Same as Extra + Catalog of classics, Trial versions of games + cloud streaming | 16.99 euros per month / 119.99 euros per year

Sony working on new hardware PlayStation 5: is it the Pro?🎮 (Image: Tigran Hambardzumyan)

Why you always want to grab those free PlayStation 5 titles

Of course, it’s always possible that you won’t like the three free games, or any of them, for your PlayStation 5 or PS4. But it’s still smart to add them to your library every month.

Unlike Xbox’s Games with Gold construct, the games always stay in your collection. Even if you haven’t downloaded them yet. So adding a game to your library is really recommended, because it is always possible that over time you may still feel like playing a particular title.

Only condition Sony has is that as a PlayStation 5 or PS4 owner, you do have an active Plus subscription. If you don’t, then you will also no longer have access to your saved games.

However, once you re-subscribe you will get your old collection back.

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