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Why your iPhone’s battery is draining faster since last week

A week after Apple rolled out its latest iOS update, more and more complaints about the iPhone are surfacing. In particular, the battery is causing disappointment for many users.

Since last week’s iOS 16.4 update, do you feel like your iPhone is draining faster? Have no fear! You’re definitely not the only one and Apple is reportedly working on a solution.

iPhone drained a bit faster thanks to iOS 16.4

Whereas last year’s iOS 16 update managed to significantly increase iPhone battery life, last week’s iOS 16.4 update seems to do the opposite. Users have been complaining about reduced battery life since last week, but now we also have the numbers to actually verify it.

YouTube user iAppleBytes took the test after the complaints and comes to a painful conclusion in his latest video. The new iOS 16.4 update causes the battery life of the iPhone 13, 12, 11, XR and 8 to be shorter than before.

The impact of the update varies by device, but the fact is that all models are affected. For example, the iPhone 12 has a reduced battery life of about 12%, while the iPhone 13 has an 11% drop.

Over the past week, I myself, with my iPhone 14 Pro, have noticed some difference. Although the impact, in my opinion, is not as great as with the 2022 and 2021 models.

Annoying, but update is still a must

In such cases, we would advise users who have not yet installed the new update to hold off for a while. But unfortunately, the latest iPhone update is too important to give that advice.

In fact, there are numerous vulnerabilities that are fixed thanks to this update. For example, these are in services such as iCloud, the Calendar app or even the Neural Engine. Malicious people can easily get their hands on your data through this route, so it is really worth installing the update.

It may not sound ideal, but chances are Apple is working on a solution (given the past). So just get the update and live with reduced battery life for a very short time. That’s not as bad as the vulnerabilities found in iOS 16.3.1.

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