App Store Pearls Dark Noise gives your life a very

App Store Pearls: Dark Noise gives your life a very special sound

Every day we do a lap around the Internet for you to find the best apps from the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. OMT editor Dunke van Boekel has Dark Noise on offer today.

Sound is incredibly important in how we as humans interpret and perceive things. Music adds emotion to movies and series, or helps you concentrate or relax better. Dark Noise on your iPhone puts you in control of how your life sounds.

Dark Noise on iPhone

This iPhone app allows you to create your own so-called “soundscapes,” using elements provided by the app. Take, for example, a wind blowing through the trees, which you combine with the taking off of a spaceship.

Then you adjust the volume of the different elements in Dark Noise on iPhone, or even add several of the same element (two spaceships are always cooler than one).

Another thing worth mentioning is that Dark Noise lets you personalize your soundscapes nicely. With many icons to set within the app itself, but also by adding your own images and GIFs, you can make the mixes in the iPhone app just a little bit more yours.

Sync and PRO

Dark Noise is not only available on the iPhone. The app is also available on iPad and Mac devices. The app then also has a sync feature built into it so you can take your mix between devices.

Dark Noise, iPhoneDark Noise on all your Apple devices! (Image: Dark Noise)

Dark Noise is also doing a subscription service. In the free version that anyone can just download, you have access to eight elements to screw together a mix. For the rest of the 42 sounds, though, you’ll really have to pay for the iPhone app. 3 euros a month, or 20 euros for an entire year. If you just want to enjoy your mixes for life, you can do that too, although that will cost you 50 euros.

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