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Sony working on new hardware PlayStation 5, but the Pro isn’t it

Sony is busy behind the scenes working on brand new hardware. It is not a successor to the PlayStation 5, nor does the story refer to the much-discussed Pro model. A cryptic message to start this Wednesday morning with, then.

It’s not the least source that is bringing out the news about the PlayStation hardware. Tom Henderson, journalist and well-known insider, already reported the news in a stream on April 1.

Sony is working on hardware for PlayStation 5

To answer your first question directly: no, this does not appear to be an April 1 prank. Aside from the fact that Henderson has a trustworthy reputation, the news also seems a bit far-fetched for such a stunt.

Indeed, the news is that Sony is working on new hardware that will hit the market very soon. It is not the new PlayStation 5 Pro, because according to Henderson, this particular product will come to market before the upgraded console.

Cryptic is the rumor, by the way, because during the stream, there was no discussion at all about what exactly we can expect. Especially since an unannounced product is not really up Sony’s alley.

“When the new hardware is announced, by the way, it will be very interesting to see how the competition reacts to it,” he let it be known in the stream.

Not the Pro, but what?

Henderson made it immediately clear last Saturday that this is not the PlayStation 5 Pro, but rather a product not expected. Rumors of a PlayStation Vita 2 have been circulating for some time, so will that be it?

While it’s a delightful prospect, I personally consider that chance slim. The arrival of a successful handheld is not at all surprising in terms of timing, but really doesn’t cycle Sony’s offerings unnoticed.


PlayStation Vita?

The PlayStation Vita was a portable gaming console released by Sony in 2011. The device had a touchscreen, rear touchpad, a d-pad, analog sticks and wireless Internet support.

Fans online are talking about a PlayStation 5 Slim, but even this chance seems slim to us. According to Henderson, we are dealing with a new product that people really don’t see coming. I can’t help but think that it is accessory to the PlayStation 5, but there are also certainly possibilities that this is an entirely new product.

Time will tell, but that Sony is cooking up something delicious behind the scenes seems certain.

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