Google has a hidden game and its impossible to win

Google has a hidden game and it’s impossible to win

If you are a real tennis fanatic, you probably keep score during big tournaments. You can use different apps, but one Google Search is enough. Did you know that you can also find a hidden game in that spot?

The tennis game you can play on Google is not a fancy game you play on a console. It’s very simple and you can play it on any Internet browser, on your smartphone or computer. But the odds are not good that you will win the game.

Google’s hidden tennis game

To play the game, search Google’s search bar for a tennis tournament. For example, Wimbledon or the Italian Open in Rome, just like the Redditors who discovered this game did. You will then see all the game categories of the Italian Open appear, but you don’t have to do anything with them. Instead, click on the green tennis ball.

The gameplay may remind you of Flappy Bird, which was a huge craze a few years ago. But this game is impossible to win. During Google’s mini-game, you play against a computer and for each hit you get a point. The computer just goes to a very difficult level very quickly. That makes the game enormously addictive.

Typing or swiping?

You can play Google’s game on a PC, but the gameplay is not quite the same. On the laptop, you have to use the arrow keys, while you swipe on your smartphone. Choose the option that suits you best.

A Redditor once scored 27, which seems to be the highest score in that thread. But who knows, maybe you’ll get over it. By the way, Reddit is full of pages offering tips on popular and less popular games. We’ve listed five of them for you in this article.

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