WWDC 2023 looks to be the home for these new

WWDC23: here’s how to watch tonight’s Apple Keynote live

The time has come: WWDC23 begins tonight. During Apple’s developer conference, we’ll hear a lot about iOS and the other operating systems and also get to see some new products. You can watch tonight’s keynote live.

Every year, Apple hosts WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). This is an annual developer conference organized by the company. During WWDC23, several workshops for app developers are offered, but we also see some new products and get to see the first betas of iOS 17, macOS 14 and other operating systems.

This is what we expect from WWDC23

This year is no different. In fact, this may be a WWDC that we will remember for years to come. That has everything to do with one of the products Apple is going to present this year. According to rumors, during WWDC23 the company will show its VR/AR set for the first time, which sources say will be called the Reality Pro. They also expect new MacBooks and perhaps a Mac Pro.

So since this looks to be a special edition of WWDC, we imagine you’ll want to be there live. Arranging a ticket to the United States for today will be difficult, but fortunately there are other ways to watch this event live.

Here’s how you can watch the Apple Keynote live

First, you can turn to YouTube. Apple will be live streaming the WWDC23 Keynote there. It starts at 7 p.m. Dutch time, so make sure you’re on time.

Of course, YouTube is not the only medium where you can find the WWDC23 Keynote. Apple will also broadcast it live via the Apple TV app. That way you can see exactly what Tim Cook’s plans are for the upcoming event.

One More Thing will also keep you updated on WWDC23 tonight. We are writing an article that we will update several times during the event. That way you won’t miss any of all the Apple news the company is announcing this evening.

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