Overwhelming display shapes the iMac of the future

Overwhelming display shapes the iMac of the future

The iMac’s display is still the standard anno 2023 when it comes to working. Although some people use a second monitor to enlarge the field, it seems this could be much crazier in the future. A special patent tells us more.

Although these days we mostly do our work with a MacBook, there are still people who prefer to just work on an iMac. Logical, because it is an incredibly fine device. In the future, an Apple patent may make it an even better alternative.

An unusual patent from Apple

Apple is exploring the future of the iMac, and it goes beyond just the display. A new patent application says that the company also wants to use projection. For example, you could just see your screen on the walls.

Apple previously filed a patent for a glass iMac, and now we are also seeing a version that can project onto an object. In the patent, Apple states that there are currently materials that can interfere with the input output of devices. So the solution to this seems to be glass.

If something is projected on the wall behind the iMac, the normal screen could naturally interfere with the image. So the system works in such a way that the computer knows exactly how the screen and the wall fit together.

Here’s how the iMac works

So through that glass on the back, the iMac can project other parts of the screen onto the walls. It also requires a camera and sensors to determine distance and angles of view.

Apple iMac patentThe Apple patent in pictures. (Image: Apple Insider)

In the drawing, we can see that other components besides the iMac are used to project information onto a wall. For example, there are two small cubes next to the Mac that also appear to act as a projector.

By the way, projecting is not entirely new. For example, there are already companies such as Samsung that make special projector television. In this, a special one is made that stands very close to the wall and thus projects images, without the need for that projector to hang several meters away.

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