The Samsung Galaxy S23 features your Galaxy S22 is never

The Samsung Galaxy S23 features your Galaxy S22 is never going to get

The Samsung Galaxy S23 was launched last winter as the company’s new flagship. In the process, it also came with some new camera features in its software. Do these benefit you on your current Galaxy S22? It doesn’t look like it…

A new device means new features and this is no different for the Samsung Galaxy S23. Of course, the camera is again just a bit better than its predecessor, but necessary changes have also been made in the software. It is therefore possible that some camera features may still come later.

Samsung Galaxy S23’s camera updates.

Last month, Samsung came out with a new software update revolving around the S23’s camera. In it, problems were fixed and some new features were added. Then the company announced that it was also bringing some features to the S22 and the Z Fold and Flip. Yet now that seems to be changing.

A Samsung community moderator now informs that not all the new features of the S23 are coming to the Samsung Galaxy S22.

First up, users of the Samsung Galaxy S22 will not be able to use 360 audio recording with the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro. That’s because the company does not have a support plan for the S22.

That 360 recording with the Samsung Galaxy Buds is obviously a nice feature, but mostly a gimmick. Another camera feature that is not coming seems to be becoming a problem for more people.

With the Samsung Galaxy S22, it will not be possible to take photos with Expert Raw in a high resolution of 100 MP. So this is a sore point for people who like to take pictures with the highest quality.

This is a problem that Samsung itself can’t seem to do anything about. It is due to the processing and memory usage limitations of the Galaxy S22. For 50 MP, the S22’s 108 MP sensor does not have enough resolution to provide 4-in01 pixel binning.

These new things you can just do with the S22 though

Fortunately, the really big innovations of the Samsung Galaxy S23 do come to the S22, including the ability to distinguish the photo from the background, automatic framing of snapshots and ExpertRAW integration in the app. With that ExpartRAW, you can also use astrophotography mode. There is also improved lens support.

Some of these features you can already use through this month’s firmware update. On others you will have to wait a while.

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