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Ted Lasso in real life: ‘Apple wants to buy Premier League soccer club’

An interesting rumor on Thursday afternoon. England’s Daily Star claims that Apple is interested in buying an English Premiere League club. Ted Lasso in real life?

Ted Lasso is the face of streaming service Apple TV+. The character has a starring role in the series of the same name and revolves around an American football coach trying to make his way in English soccer. Something that Apple, in a way, seems to want in real life as well.

Apple interested in buying Premier League club

If the Daily Star is to be believed, Apple is willing to dig deep for an English soccer club. The club in question is Manchester United, the club of Dutch coach Erik ten Hag. It is among one of the most iconic clubs on earth and may just fall into the hands of the American company.

According to rumors, Apple has £5.8 billion left for the English club. That converts to 6.7 billion euros.

Apple, Manchester City, Premier League

Where exactly the information comes from is not known. However, there is talk of grand plans. Apple would like to take the Premier League club to the next level.

It wants to achieve that goal by building a brand new stadium, for example. Not just any one, by the way. Apple plans to build a home stadium that dwarfs all other stadiums.

Unique move by the American company

Should Apple actually become the owner of Manchester United, we are dealing with a unique purchase. The American company of CEO Tim Cook has made several acquisitions in the past, but it has not wanted to burn its fingers on a sports club before.

In the field of soccer, by the way, the company is active. A while ago it acquired the rights to Major League Soccer, the largest soccer league in the United States.

Both Apple and Manchester have yet to comment on the rumor. Makes sense, since neither party usually ever does.

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