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Three hugely useful tips if you just got an Apple Watch

Apple does its best to give you handy features for using the Apple Watch. But there are three basic things that will immediately make your life as a new owner easier. OMT editor and Watch user Dennis Mons gives you some fine tips.

It’s easy to imagine that you’ve become convinced by the Apple Watch’s abilities. After all, they’re also increasingly affordable. But it can also be a bit overwhelming with all the features. But thanks to these simple tricks, you’ll get a lot of fun out of your new timepiece right away, without having to install additional apps.

Apple Watch with features to master

As mentioned, it can be a bit overwhelming to wear a smartwatch. After all, there are apps galore to help you in your daily routine. But these three basic functions are going to improve your day anyway.

1. The flashlight is essential

Of course, your iPhone is excellent if you want to see a little light on the horizon. But so can your Apple Watch! To do this, drag from bottom to top on your watch and you’ll see the lamp icon right away.

If you tap this, you’ll get a completely white screen that gives off quite a bit of light. In addition, you can switch between two other modes such as flashing and red light.

2. Your Apple Watch finds your phone

Also so often looking for your iPhone? It’s probably somewhere between the sofa cushions or in the refrigerator (don’t ask). However, with the vibration icon on your Apple Watch, you can vibrate your iPhone and have it found again quickly.

Should that not be enough, you can also flash your phone. And if that’s not enough, you can always use the Find My feature.

apple wwdc23 apple watch osYour best friend when you lose your phone or use timers. (Image: Apple)

3. Turn your timers on or off

One of the blissful features of an iPhone is the timer. You can use it to take a nap or bake cookies, for example. It is one hundred percent accurate, but you may find it irritating to turn off the timer through your phone.

The Apple Watch provides relief in that regard. You can easily snooze your timer, or even set it without needing your iPhone. Incidentally, this is an obvious feature, since your watch vibrates like crazy.

Either way, these are three handy features you’ll want to use if you’ve just purchased an Apple Watch. Also, one last tip: get loose in the settings and Control Centre, there are lots of cool new features and easter eggs to be found there.

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