Simple change significantly extends iPhone 15 Pro battery life

Apple seems fed up with your iPhone’s Dynamic Island already

Apple, despite the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus getting it for the first time this year, seems to be fed up with Dynamic Island already. The American company is busy behind the scenes working on the next step.

LG Innotek is busy behind the scenes producing a new iPhone display. This particular model should place the camera system below the display, as we already see on a number of Android smartphones at the moment.

The news of the under-display camera comes from South Korea. Although it is not official, due to a good reputation, we can take the news from The Elec seriously.

Apple trades Dynamic Island for your iPhone

With such a solution, Apple does run into certain problems, just as some Android manufacturers currently do.

For example, a selfie camera below the screen causes less light on the sensor, making photos look a lot less pretty or relying more on software tweaks. Something the American company, given its focus on quality, really needs to do something about.

iPhone of the future you can just dropPro (Image: Apple)

Moreover, Dynamic Island has only been available on all four available iPhone models since this year. It does not seem like a good decision at this time to take the focus off of this surely strong piece of technology.

Now fundamentally, that doesn’t matter very much because it will be some time before Apple actually says goodbye to Dynamic Island. If the iPhone really does get an in-screen selfie camera, it won’t be until 2027.

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