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Tour de e-bike: Cervélo comes out with blazing fast and bruisingly expensive electric bike

Cervélo is one of the more luxurious and better bicycle brands in the world. For example, Team Jumbo Visma, of Tour De France winner Jonas Vingegaard, also rides the brand. Now it is coming out with its first electric bike.

Although Cervélo was founded in Canada, like Gazelle it belongs to the Dutch company Pon. You probably know the company mainly because of the cycling bikes it develops. Soon, however, you will also be able to ride an electric bike from the brand.

Cervélo has announced its first e-bike. The Rouvida has a sporty look and can be used as both a road and gravel bike.

This is the first electric bike from Cervélo

Want to go as fast as Jonas Vingegaard or Wout van Aert, but unfortunately don’t have their legs? Cervélo has the solution for you. The brand is now coming out with a lightning-fast electric bike ideal for covering longer distances.

The Cervélo Rouvida has support up to 45 kilometers per hour. It therefore falls into the category of speed pedelecs. Thus, it is mandatory to have a rear-view mirror and a license plate. You will also be required to wear a helmet and have third-party insurance.

Cervélo comes out with special, lightning-fast, expensive electric bikeBlazing fast and aerodynamic. (Image: Cervelo)

However, the brand may limit the speed of the electric bike to 25 kilometers per hour, so none of this is necessary. Although then you can ask yourself why you would put down so much money for such a bike.

The bike reaches those 45 kilometers per hour because of a motor that offers 60 Nm of torque. Cervélo has incorporated these into the tube, so you don’t see them. So from the outside it looks like a real road bike. The company assures that it will allow you to reach the same speeds as the pro peloton in the mountains.

By the way, don’t expect to actually ride a full Tour de France stage with this bike at top speed. After all, the battery has a capacity of 430 Wh. That’s good for about 80 kilometers of support.

From electric road bike to gravel bike

As mentioned, Cervélo’s electric bike can be used on both road and sand. To do this, you have to change the dropouts on the bike to make the e-bike suitable for a different ground. This changes the geometry of the two-wheeler.

Cervélo comes up with special, lightning-fast, expensive electric bike (Image: Cervelo)

In addition, you also need to go to the dealer to put different firmware on the two-wheeler. This is because the bike needs a different tuning for the surface and new dropouts. This is cumbersome though, since it should be possible to do it just at home.

Cervélo is a premium brand, so it’s already not cheap if you want to buy a normal bike without a motor. So the electric version also has quite a price tag.

The starting price is 6,799 euros, but there are also more expensive variants. For example, for the RED XPLR edition you pay even 12,499 euros. From January 2024, the e-bike will be available in Europe.

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