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The Hangover | This was the biggest news of the past weekend

TikTok appears to be secretly using ChatGPT; a new PlayStation is coming, and the iPhone 16 Pro is getting a new button. This is the Hangover of Monday, December 18, 2023.

Welcome to The Hangover, our weekly column where we give you a quick update on the weekend on Monday morning. Think of it as a cup at the coffee machine, but with your friends from WANT.

In this article, we briefly update you on a few things that happened last weekend, so you’ll have a quick overview of the biggest tech news.

TikTok banned from ChatGPT

There is a tangle between ChatGPT parent company OpenAI and TikTok owner ByteDance. The Chinese company used data generated through ChatGPT to develop its own chatbot. In doing so, it violates both Microsoft and OpenAI’s rules.

Microsoft is implicated, as ByteDance primarily used Azure, for which it uses GPT. “Although ByteDance’s usage was minimal, we have blocked their account for now while we investigate further.”

This case shows that the battle for the best AI assistant is fierce and that companies are not shy about cheating from each other.

TikTok, ByteDance, USATikTok on your smartphone. (Image: Pexels/Cottonbro)

You can expect the PlayStation 5 Pro around this time

Now that the PlayStation 5 Slim was launched in October, eyes are turning to the PS 5 Pro edition. While the Slim mainly makes the device smaller, the Pro version makes the console more powerful.
Rumors about the PlayStation Pro have been circulating for months. However, the latest reports tell us to expect the revamped console in November 2024.

According to those rumors, the PlayStation 5 Pro has been in development since 2022. The biggest feature with the device is Sony’s solution to DLSS. Through machine learning, the device could display images at a higher resolution and frame rate.

One more button for iPhone 16 Pro models

Apple introduced the action button for iPhone 15 Pro models this year. This button allows you to give it a function of your choice.
The action button also seems to be coming to the regular iPhone 16 next year. But it won’t stop there if reliable Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman is to be believed.

Thus, the iPhone 16 Pro models will get an additional “capture button. According to the journalist, this button will make it possible to record videos. Incidentally, that is not the only rumor. In addition, it also seems that the Pro models will get larger screens.

Action button of iPhone 15 Pro can perform more tasks this wayThere’s the action button! (Image: Apple)

WhatsApp makes it even easier to post statuses

Speaking of hassles, let’s talk a little about the Status feature in WhatsApp. The messaging service is now testing a new design to make it even easier to share your status.

With the redesign, WhatsApp is making the various buttons more accessible. This is especially useful for people who use the feature more often. That way you don’t have to press it as often to make a new status post.

WhatsApp’s Status page is considerably more interesting now than it was a while ago. In fact, it is also possible to follow channels on that page. So you can also check the latest news from us. You can read about it in the box below.


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How to uninstall apps from the Google Play Store even easier soon

Google is coming up with the ideal feature to uninstall apps from a device, even if you don’t have them around for a while. Namely, you can simply delete them remotely if your Google account is connected.

Apps can be uninstalled with the new feature through the Google Play Store itself. To do so, go to the admin section. There, click on your own device and you will then see which other gadgets are connected. You can then remove apps of your choice from those devices.

For example, you can remove apps on your Android phone even if you have Android Auto or Google Chromecast on it. This especially saves a lot of hassle.

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