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Get more out of your iPhone’s camera with these ‘forgotten’ hacks

Apple regularly releases new updates to your iPhone’s Camera app. Over time, there are so many new features that you forget the old ones. That’s why we give you a quick refresher.

Taking photos with your iPhone is an absolute pleasure. The devices take beautiful photos and give you a hand with automatic image editing. As a result, there are countless tricks to make your photos look great.

But with all these new gadgets, don’t forget what else the Camera app has to offer. Many old features that work just fine are soon forgotten.

You must have forgotten these features from your iPhone’s Camera app

That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to dive into the iPhone’s Camera app in search of some features you may have forgotten.

#1 Put your camera in the right mode

You would almost forget, but you can shoot a photo in different styles since the iPhone 13. It’s not a filter, but a way to make your photos more vibrant, cooler or warmer.

You can select the style before you take a photo by swiping up and tapping the frames at the bottom of the screen. Your choices include standard, portrait, food and landscape.

Photo deleted on your iPhone or Android? Here's how to magic it back upTime for a snapshot! (Image: Apple)

#2 Action Mode

We’ve known about action mode on the iPhone for a while now. But it’s a feature that’s easy to forget, and doesn’t always come up when you need it. Action mode makes it a lot easier to take pictures of moving subjects. It’s perfect for capturing sporting events, running pets or other dynamic scenes.

When you enable action mode, the camera setting adjusts to freeze motion and take sharp photos. You can turn on action mode by swiping left on the camera screen and tapping the running man icon.

#3 Slofies

Apple had hoped this feature would create a new craze, but the feature flopped and now hardly anyone knows it. Slofie is a combination of “slow motion” and “selfie. With slofies, you can film yourself in slow motion and create fun, funny effects.

It’s a fun way to capture yourself in a unique way and share it with others. Open the Camera app on your iPhone, put it in selfie mode and swipe to Slo-mo mode. Tap the red button to start recording.

Creating slo-moReady for a slipper (Image: Apple)

#4 Don’t forget to use the flash

Now that night mode exists, some people forget the most important feature of the whole Camera app: the flash. The iPhone’s is especially good. Apple’s flash is getting brighter and more consistent almost every year due to new technology.

So instead of relying on night mode for action shots and group photos, turn on the flash. The photos will look nicer and it will save you a lot of time.

#5 Swipe up on your iPhone

As new iPhone models get more tricks and features, Apple has found an easy way where you can find them all.

Swipe up to access different features, such as flash, night mode and photographic styles. So don’t forget to swipe up and try out all the features.

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