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The reason to leave that iPhone 15 and wait another year

In about a week, we’ll finally know what the iPhone 15 will look like. Still, it might be better to skip the phone for the iPhone 16, and for good reason.

September 12 is when Apple’s Wonderlust event is scheduled. At that event, Apple will present the new iPhone 15 models, the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2, and possibly more.

iPhone 16 instead of 15?

The main course, of course, is the various iPhone 15 models (the regular, Plus, Pro and Pro Max). You’ll probably see during that presentation what’s better than the iPhone 14. That all sounds great, but it might still be better to wait a year. The iPhone 16 may get a really fine update.

Indeed, a source reports to The Elec that the iPhone 16 will get an MLA AMOLED screen as opposed to the iPhone 15. MLA stands for Multi-Lens Array. This allows more light to come out, giving you a brighter screen with even better colors and contrast.

MLA in OLED is not entirely new; LG already uses it in some televisions. In those devices, brightness increased by up to 60 percent and viewing angles by 30 percent. The same results in the iPhone 16 would obviously be nice, although the viewing angle is of lesser importance.

The implications

Of course, the new technology is more expensive than the current one, so the iPhone 16 is likely to be more expensive than the iPhone 15, as Apple passes on the increased cost to consumers. Also, this is all subject to change, as the release of the iPhone 16 is still a year away. It is possible that ideas may still change during the process.

Apple iPhone 15: 7 things we already know for sureA concept of the iPhone 15 Pro Max with USB-C connector. (Image: Ice Universe)

Should Apple make the switch to MLA, it won’t be the first time. Samsung already uses it in the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Still, the difference between that screen and that of the iPhone 14 Pro seems small. It remains to be seen how it is in the iPhone 15 (without it) and the iPhone 16 (with it).

There is also another advantage if Apple switches to MLA OLED. It means that the technology will be spread further, and thus the cost can come back down a bit.

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