KPN and Vodafone raise prices sharply thats how much more

KPN and Vodafone raise prices sharply: that’s how much more you’ll pay

Inflation seems to make everything more expensive, and soon that will also apply to your subscription for your iPhone or Android, as both Vodafone and KPN announce significant price increases.

You might be able to skip a subscription to Netflix or Disney+, but for your cell phone it’s a different story. You want to stay accessible to everyone, of course. Still, this month it might be time to switch to another provider, as KPN and Vodafone are implementing hefty price increases starting Oct. 1.

KPN and Vodafone raise their prices

Customers of KPN and Vodafone with subscriptions of more than three months are affected. Under the guise of inflation, both companies are raising their prices significantly. Vodafone relies on CBS figures from 2022, while KPN looks at figures from July 2022 to June 2023.

Because of their different figure approach, Vodafone and KPN use different price increase rates. Vodafone customers have the unluckiest situation: tariffs increase by 10 percent, which is quite steep. For example, if you have a subscription of 30 euros per month, you will soon pay 33 euros.

KPN is raising prices by 8.4 percent, with a maximum of 2.50 euros extra per month. This is still significant, especially since the company already implemented a 5.8 percent price increase last year. At Vodafone, it was only 2.7 percent.

Smart negotiation

With a long-term contract, you can’t just switch and have to accept the price increase. If your subscription is renewed monthly, it may pay to look at other providers. If you also want to buy television and Internet, it may be interesting to compare different providers, because companies such as Vodafone and KPN often offer significant discounts if you combine multiple subscriptions.

Vodafone Logo 5GThe logo of Vodafone (Image: Vodafone)

It may also help to contact KPN or Vodafone and mention that you are considering cancellation because of the high prices. The company often offers a better offer, such as additional channels or discounts, to keep you as a customer.

What about T-Mobile?

Meanwhile, T-Mobile comes with other news. The company will continue under the name Odido. The Dutch branch of the German telecommunications provider was acquired by investors in 2021. After the acquisition, the investors were allowed to continue using the name T-Mobile for another five years, but they chose to change it earlier.

The rival to Vodafone and KPN will now continue under the name Odido, and stores and offices will be converted to the new formula. Customers will be automatically transferred, and the company is also introducing new subscriptions.

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