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When exactly you can expect Android 14 on your smartphone

Although Android 14 has been out for a little over a month now, not every smartphone has the operating system yet. Brands decide when to bring it to their devices. This chart shows you when it’s your turn.

Whereas with Apple, virtually every iPhone gets the new version of iOS on the same date, that is not the case with Android. Each brand decides when to bring the operating system to their devices. With Samsung, for example, this is very different from Nothing or Google.


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Android 14 on your smartphone

Because of these different release dates, it can sometimes be quite difficult to figure out when you will get Android 14. Here’s an overview by brand.

Google, of course, has Android 14

Do you have a Google Pixel? Then you have a big advantage. You always get Android first. Makes sense, too, since the company also makes the operating system.

It doesn’t matter which model you have, because Google is giving all Pixels access to Android 14 on the same day, so the operating system will be available as early as Oct. 4.


One of the biggest smartphone brands in the Netherlands is Samsung. As such, many users will be curious when Android 14 will appear on their smartphones. Samsung has started rolling out the big update since late last month, but is taking a slightly different approach than Google. It has a certain order.

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy phone? Then the Korean manufacturer will soon give you a fine new feature, absolutely free.The Samsung S23 line is beautiful. (Image: Samsung)

First up at Samsung are the latest models, such as the Galaxy S23 and Flip and Fold 5. Later, the older models will also come out. By the way, not all of the company’s smartphones will get the update. A Samsung phone should get four generations of updates.


OnePlus builds its own shell around Android and calls it OxygenOS. That’s also why it takes a little longer to access it on your smartphone. Exactly when the latest version will be released is not yet known. However, the fourth beta version is already out.

If you bought a OnePlus within the last three years, in all likelihood you will get OxygenOS 14, or Android 14 in a OnePlus jacket. That means the 8T is probably the oldest device to receive the update.


For Nothing, the same story applies as for OnePlus. The company has its own version of Android 14 with Nothing OS 2.5. Currently, the open beta of the version is out and it is waiting for a final version.

What you really want to know about this Nothing Phone as far as I'm concerned (2)

In total, a Nothing phone gets three years of updates. So since the Nothing Phone 1 is from July 2022, you really don’t have to worry about not getting it.


If you have a Motorola, you will have to wait a while for Android 14. The rollout will take place in early 2024.

The Edge, Edge+ and Ede 30 Fusion will be the oldest devices to get the update. If you have a device released earlier than these models, you’re out of luck.


Xiaomi was one of the first companies to roll out Android 14 to its users after Google. It did so under the name MIUI 14, which is available for the Xiaomi 13 Pro, 13 and 13 T.

Xiaomi 13The Xiaomi 13 line. (Image: WANT/Jeroen Kraak)

Older phones will have to wait a little longer to get access to MIUI 14; unfortunately, when they will get access is not yet known.

Sony and Android 14

Android 14 is already available for the Sony Xperia 1 V. Older devices, like Xiaomi, will have to wait a while longer, as the company does not yet have a view on when the new operating system will be rolled out.

Fortunately, though, the company has already revealed that the update is just coming to other Xperia devices. So you don’t have to worry about missing out.


Last on the list is Asus. The company has not yet rolled out a final version of Android 14. However, it does have a special beta underway in the United States.


Why does the release date for Android 14 vary by brand?

The release date of Android updates varies by brand because of user interface modifications. Manufacturers, such as Samsung and Xiaomi, optimize Android for their devices, which takes extra time. Priorities and speeds for software support also vary between manufacturers, affecting differences in rollout time.

The first phone to get Android 14 at Asus is the flagship Zenfone 10. When exactly it will come, the company does not dare say, as it all depends on stability. The oldest smartphones from Asus that will get the update are the Zenfone 9 and ROG Phone 6.

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